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Google has announced a new security initiative called Project Zero, with the broad mandate of making the internet a more secure space. Full-time researchers will identify threats through the most widely-used applications, submit bug reports directly to the developers, and announce the changes publicly once the vulnerability has been patched.

It's worth noting that Project Zero isn't being limited to Google products; they'll be looking everywhere for breaches in security and privacy, either from criminals, "state-sponsored actors," or anything in between.

Good on Google for supporting a more secure internet, especially considering how big of a role they play in the whole scheme. No doubt many of the gaps they plug will affect Android, although most of these changes are likely to be behind the scenes with little noticeable difference to the end-user.

Source: Google Online Security Blog


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Google's Project Zero aims to make the internet a safer place


O RLY? NSA SELinux modifications have been merged into the kernel.

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Oh the backdoor, you can cite line numbers for in the source code right? When security is involved we don't deal in speculation we deal in facts, if we don't have them we find them cupcake. So with due diligence cite the lines in source where you identify the NSA modifications in the current code base that hosts your concern. Who knows, Google Zero may pay attention and notice you.

EDIT: Forgot a comma D:

Thanks for saying exactly what I wanted to say.

Does incorporating the SELinux code into the kernel concern me? Of course it does, so, if the OP has some knowledge of security problems, he needs to post them so they can be examined and addressed.

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Yeah, and Safety, health and peace can only be reached worldwide if, and only if, Google, Monsanto and Israel come to the worlds rescue xD....

You've made my day xD

Here's the big picture. Google or any corporation can create a thousand layers of the best security to prevent there own system from being hacked by hackers or to prevent there privacy from being invaded,but uses tracking cookies to monitor everyone's searches.Isn't that invading our internet privacy.Big corporations and law enforcement are the biggest threat to our privacy than your own next door neighbor. If you see someone peeping through someone's window they are breaking the law and called peeping toms.So wen law enforcement is peeping through an internet window shouldn't that be treated the same way?Real security should protect us from everyone not just wat any corp wants to choose to protect us from. Internet security should block all trackers and all internet peeping toms.Thousands of people are having there internet traffic being monitored and don't even no it.So the day wen someone creates a tool to stop law enforcement from peeping on our searches,tracking,internet usage and etc is the day any of us can say,,,now that's internet security.

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