The Google Nexus One also has a prime page on YouTube (which also is owned by Google). Loads of video after the break.

Nexus One - Web meets phone

Nexus One - Camera and 3D Gallery

Nexus One - Contacts

Nexus One - Voice input

Nexus One - Android Market

Nexus One - Search

Nexus One - Navigation


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Google's Nexus One videos


Wow!!! If Verizon is going to have it, will there be a Sprint version, and when? I can't wait for this phone.

Arghh. I've bought my Unlocked HTC Hero from Telus Canada for 520CAD on December 5th!! If only I had waited a month, I would've got an Unlocked Google Nexus One for the same price!!!!!

Yeah OK I have owned the iPhone 3GS, and let me tell you, the iphone cant hold a candle to the Nexus One , its not even in the same league !!!! I sold my iphone 3gs