And why the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Google IO

We could use this post to point out that the Google IO Developer Conference officially sold out some 59 minutes after the general admission tickets were made available, and that it took Apple 10 hours to sell out its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. But, really, we'd like to address the rumor that Apple won't be unveiling a new iPhone at the event. That's entirely possible, but we all know how Apple loves to lower expectations and then call forth from the heavens some miracle feature like copy and paste or folders on a home screen.

No, what we really want to do with this post is embed some Boondocks. Because while the WWDC announcement might not point to new hardware (and, by the way, it never has), the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Apple will have new hardware soon enough, and Android needs to be ready for it.

tl;dr: Apple might or might not bring a new iPhone, hilarious Boondocks clip after the break.

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Google's dev conference sells out some 10 times faster than Apple's


Consider this. The last 2 Google I/O Conferences Google has given away nice freebies (last year they gave 2 things away, an initial device that was sent attendees BEFORE the conference and then an EVO to all attending).

Apple doesn't give stuff away at their conferences (last I checked).

Android is the hot flavor in the tech food pipeline. It only makes sense that developers are scrambling to get on board or be left in the cold like Microsoft.

I don't think the sell out period matters that much. How many tickets were sold for each event, that would be a better comparison??

That's because Gin Rummy's voice (the character with the bandanna and glasses) is played by Samuel L. Jackson. Plus being a line from the movie doesn't hurt either ;)

On a side note, +1 to Phil for posting a clever clip of an absolutely hilarious show. Boondocks FTW!

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hmm, its a good thing you didn't use the post to make the point that Google I/O sold out faster than Apple WWDC, because if you were, you would have to take into account whether the venue's were of similar size, and if there were the same number of seats, and the square footage of the building..
It looks like Google IO is in the smallest building at only 12,500 square feet..
Whereas Apple WWDC is taking place in a building that 300,000 total square feet of space... So the fact that they sold that out in one hour is rather remarkable...
Then there is the cost...

2 reasons why this happened:

1. There is no iPhone announcement at this years WWDC

2. Google gives away free phoes at their events. Last year, everyone got free HTC Evo 4G's, one month before they were released!

BTW, AC, fix your Captcha's There is no spam in this comment!

So you think people spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and hundreds of dollars on travel expenses in hopes of getting a new phone. Of which there's no guarantee of happening.

Uhhh yeah. Not saying thzt thas their only reason for going but the possibility of receiving a free unreleased phone would sure create a lot of buzz and excitement.

How much money do you think an iphone developer would pay to get an iphone 5 a month before anyone else could get one?