Regulatory filing shows deal closed on Feb. 7

Nest is now officially a Google property after the deal has been finalized. A regulatory filing submitted by Google shows that things were signed and sealed on Feb. 7. The $3.2 billion deal brings Tony Fadell and his team officially under the Google banner, where earlier reports put them at the center of Google's future hardware projects. 

It's been a busy year so far for Google what with bringing Nest on board and letting Motorola go to Lenovo. Now the paperwork is done though, we can only wonder what Google has in store. 

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Google's $3.2 billion Nest acquisition is a done deal


Seems like a ballsy investment to me. But I can't wait to see what Google is coming up with

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One step closer to World Domination and I am okay with that as long as you put Crapple out of business

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I'm with you. The sooner Apple Inc marketing company goes under, the better. Overpriced toys for foolish people with more money than sense.

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Okay Google now, show me what 3.2 billion dollars buys you! I'm really looking forward to the future hardware releases we will get now. This should be great!

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One step closer to Google's future of dominating your household. Pretty soon you'll be able to do everything from your phone no matter where you're at. Everything!!!

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Google was pretty luke warm and said it wasn't really looking to get into the "Smoke Alarm " Business. they have something else up thier sleeve.

Two reasons why I won't purchase "Nest" products.
1- It's basically an Apple Inc marketing company device, and I DON'T buy Apple products in whatever form they appear.

2- Nest thermostat is a typically, grossly overpriced yuppie toy, purchased for bragging rights.
My Filtrete / 3M 7 day programmable thermostat set me back $40 on a special buy at Home Depot two years ago. Installing it was a bit of a chore, not because of the thermostat, but due to the wiring used by the heat pump installer. Colors were all wrong, and I had to go into the control panel of the unit to match the wire color to the proper terminal. Other than that half hour, it took meless than 30 minutes to hook it up, and have everything running. This thermostat has saved its cost several times over, and the inside temp is pretty much constant in this 57 year old house. I DON'T want a device reporting on me. My next will have local WiFi so I can look at itcfrom my PC. Same goes for Nest grossly overpriced smoke alarm. We have perfectly adequate smoke alarms for far less cash outlay than that yuppie brag toy Nest.
Google will do with Nest, just the same as they did with Motorola. Siphon off the patents they desire, and flog Nest off cheaply to some Chinese company.

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