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If you've got a Discover card and want to get in on the Google Wallet action, you'll be happy to hear that you can now save your card for easy access on your Android device. Just head on over to the Discover page to link your card, and before you know it, you'll be tapping, paying, and earning rewards from your phone. This is the first public partnership to use the Save to Wallet API, which helps keep rewards consistent, plus the Discover card shows up nice and identifiably within the app. 

I'm in Canada, so Discover cards and Google Wallet are both entirely foreign things to me, but gawrsh, do they sound exciting. How many of you guys have been using Google Wallet since the update earlier this month that allowed users to add whatever credit card they wanted? Are there a lot of stores in your area that support it?

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Google Wallet users can now save their Discover card


This is nice!! I have ATT Nexus S and I remember in feb Google added the support but now it seems to be incompatible!! Anyone facing the same scenario?

I've been using it on my Galaxy Nexus(never bothered before) and its quite convenient where NFC readers are available.

Glad you fixed that typo. When I saw Discovery Card is was wondering why Google Wallet would be adding the ability to store that card. Lol.

Just used Wallet for the first time yesterday at the supermarket. The terminal recognized my GNEX instantly, which replied with a friendly chirp. I entered my pin on the phone and touched again to confirm the purchase. I'm thinkin' "This is sweet!" Until I was asked to sign the screen.
My understanding was that this was no longer necessary. If that is going to be the case everywhere, I'll just whip out my card instead. I'm hoping this was an exception. Otherwise, why bother???

I've used Google wallet twice, both time at the same CVS (even the same register). The first time I purchased a $3 drink just to test it out and wasn't asked to sign. The 2nd time I spent $40 on batteries, vitamins, and other stuff, and I was asked to sign. I assume it was because of the total amount of the purchase.

So I think the best you can hope for in inconsistency. Hopefully this mobile payment cooperative will create some standard in the future.

I don't remember ever signing when paying with my GNex. My largest purchase with it is $110, but most are under $50. The only issue I ever ran into was at a Rite Aid it didn't work...b/c the cashier had to push "credit" first and she was so confused as to what I was doing waving my phone in front of the card machine. Once she pushed "credit" on the register, it worked just fine.

I'd like to add that the purchase total was small enough that I ordinarily would not have had to sign...

I am using it consistently where serice is available. My morning coffee, ocassional McDonalds lunch, CVS. Very good for when I forget my wallet, (way too often)
Once service is more common, would be great... NO more wallet! Would DMV's add DL's and car registrations? That would be a game changer

I have a Galaxy Nexus (unlocked from Google) here in the US of A. I use it quite a bit. The vending machines in my office all have the NFC readers, so it is really handy to not have to carry around change. Before the update, I was just loading $20 every so often to the Google GiftCard. Now I just have my Amex card linked.
Havent used it in any stores yet, so I am not sure on the signing thing. Usually if the charge is less than $25, even with a physical card you dont have to sign. Over that, then usually you do, so I wouldnt be surprised if I had to sign with Google wallet purchases over $25.
Its more of a handy feature to use when I dont have my wallet (running to the gas station, vending machine, etc.)

Agreed here. I think we are trying to push a stodgy industry (banking) into the 'new' technology (from the early '80s, lol), and they are taking their time (hopefully to make it secure), but I'm assuming they don't know what to do with NFC right now overall until it matures. As long as we have physical cards in our possession, and as long as merchants EVERYWHERE don't have NFC accepting terminals, they don't HAVE to do anything. The default thing to do is have people sign for purchases over $25 or so, so they do.

All my groceries and gas are now done with Google Wallet, as well as occasional trips to McDonald's and other fast food joints. It's handy as hell. And it's cool to see the reactions from people working at the stores. Some don't notice or care, but many are amazed. Hopefully a couple of them have checked it out later.

Being able to use my cards directly instead of having to top off the Google prepaid card is another nice bonus and it's worked perfectly for me so far.

I finally got around to using the free $10 on my Nexus 7 and my EVO LTE you get for signing up. Then I promptly deleted the app. I'll never use it as a credit card is more convenient.

You should never have to sign anything. Open the app and enter your PIN while waiting in line BEFORE you touch the scanner.

+1 This is what I do, and it saves you a ton of time.

By opening the app while waiting in line you also will not have to double tap.

Used it for the first time with my AMEX. Don't get my customary cash rewards for purchases using my (1%-2%-3% depending on purchase type) cash rewards credit cards. Since I pay my entire statement balance when due, using Google Wallet instead of the physical card would cause me to loose about $300 per year of cash back. Therefore, currently the convenience is certainly not worth missing out on $300 / year.

Yeah I dont get why the official Discover pairing method still uses the Virtual Master Card for payments.

I get sad reading these wonderful uses of Google wallet. I killed the "secure element" in my nexus by doing a factory reset without removing the info from Google wallet first. my own darn fault for not reading up on it first. Sooooo, I'm just jealous of you guys.


I'm so glad they decided to open wallet to all major credit's nice to be able to leave my card in my wallet so it doesn't get as worn. I go through a debit card every year...sometimes faster. every time I need a new one I get charged. Maybe google wallet can help fray that cost ;)

I also love it for the looks I get when I use it. Some people have never seen it or even heard of it. I've had cashiers question it and one even accused me of hacking their credit system to get my purchase for free lol They even called the police and I had to show them my phone and how it works...I got a good laugh from that one

Would be nice if Google Wallet let you put a nickname on each card so its easier to determine which is your debit and credit card... other than that I'm liking GW.