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More natural sounding female voice replaces the old robotic tones

If you use Google Search's voice features in the UK, you may have noticed a fairly significant change today — the robotic male voice of old has been replaced with a new, more natural sounding female voice. The change brings the UK in line with the U.S., which has had realistic sounding voice playback for some time now, and it's a vast improvement on what we had before.

It looks like the change has taken place through Google's backend rather than any sort of app update, so Brits should hear the new voice right away — just tap the microphone icon as usual.

We've got a quick preview of the new British voice of Google search after the break.

Thanks to Chris for the tip, and to everyone who helped confirm it!


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Google voice search gets new, less robotic voice in the UK


that robotic male voice suck. Google should make google now voice standard and name here IRIS (get it??)

Agreed. Or an Irish lass.
Although ideally it would be Majel Barrett.

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I would kill for a Majel Barrett voice, it's only logical. It's a shame she passed away.

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Can't seem to edit my comment thru the app. Anyway, I made a noob mistake (my earphones were plugged in).

It's much better than the old robotic guy voice.

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Does this mean Google Now should have the "Ok Google" search activation feature?

I presently set my Google Now to English (US) to enable this feature as its not present with English (UK).

Yes I just got the british voice here in canada. Just open google search app or launch google now and change the langague to english uk instead of us and your all set..:)

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Its more than just the Accent that got changed.

You will notice that in Alex's sample clip that distance was given it meters. Ask that same question in the US and you get the answer in feet. REGARDLESS of what language you choose.

I'll give it a try, but I've kinda gotten used to my N4 having an American accent so I may have to switch back. Has the offline speech package been updated as well?

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