Google Voice, the revolutionary software that allows you to re-direct phone calls, transcribe voicemails and so much more is finally headed to our favorite smartphone OS, Android. We're extremely excited about Google Voice's implementation because we truly believe that it'll be an exciting service that'll fit a lot of Android (and Google) users' usage. Though we haven't tested Google Voice ourselves (we're still waiting on that invite Google!), we've heard nothing but good things about the service.

The registration for the Google Voice application for Android will continue to be invite-only but we hope Google will open it up to public consumption sooner rather than later. GigaOM has an excellent review on the Android Google Voice application and they're definitely excited about the possibilities. Google Voice = less carrier interaction, and that my friends is a wonderful thing.

How many Google Voice users do we have on Android Central? How good is the service? And what does an official Android App mean to you? Let us know in the comments!

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Google Voice Application Coming to Android


I use gv as my main phone number, I use the service every single day. People call me, and I answer on my gizmo phone (computer), skype, or cellphone, that's while Im on the computer, and everything works perfect even dialing out.

However, when I'm out, on the cellphone, incoming calls work perfect. But outgoing calls, meaning calling people using the gv phone, its a hassle, since I dont want to call people using my cell number. So I have to dial-in to gv, go through options and call the other party. There's an app already that helps you do this (GV by Evan Charlton) and it has been great, but there are things that he can't do a google can so this app will make me happy and change the way I work everyday.

I totally agree with less carrier interaction being a good thing. Paying for voice and data is stupidly redundant. Google voice represents the possibility of taking voice service out of the hands of the carriers. How many years did the carriers have to give their customers useful and robust services like this, 10 or so? They completely failed to do so, they deserve to become dumb utilities that we pay to turn on the spigot and that is it, just like the gas company and the electic company.

I have been using this service since it was grandcentral. I needed a local number after moving but didn't want to change my mobile number. I utilize it all the time with great results.

Until getting an android phone and using a google voice app I hadn't been able to utilize it fully. Now that I can make outgoing calls from my handset it is a beautiful thing. The transcription works very well. I'll be excited for google voice to get integrated with gmail, and then hopefully wave??!

I am waiting for my invite, and I requested one a LONG time ago! I am not sure how useful the service will be for me (I use a G1) but am excited to try it out. Google is hot on Apple's heels to become the most innovative and user oriented company out there. (And its arugable that they might have already surpassed them). Although we're comparing apples and oranges (no pun intended REALLY) where Google doesn't develop any hardware to my knowledge.

This is Awesome, however it is already launched and downloadable now by going to: you have to be signed up and accepted to the Google Voice program before it will work, but you can certainly download it to both your Android powered and Blackberry phones right from the link.

I am really hoping that Google gets going on sending out more invites, that is the only thing holding me back from switching to Google Voice for EVERYTHING....

Google ROCKS!!


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I got my invitation yesterday also. I'm still playing around with it and working out how I want to take advantage of the service. I have no complaints so far.

I just received the invitation today. Google Voice is awesome, and so is the App for the G1. It seems like it took a couple calls for everything to sync up, but now all the services are working.

This app is awesome! Just what I was waiting for to take full advantage of GV. The previous app by Evan was okay, but it was lacking major on the outgoing calls. By that I mean, you couldnt call out from your cell (G1). This new official Google app is so much better. My G1 is now essentially a GV phone now. I get visual voice mail, transcription, text, etc all through GV on my phone. I love it!!
Only gripe is that texts sent to my GV number show up as a phone number on my phone as opposed to the person's name. It makes it hard for me to keep track of who Im texting unless I open the GV app. Kind of like having two numbers I can receive texts on instead of only one. In time, when people stop using my old number that should be a non-issue. Minor thing, but a thing none the less.

Hey, thought i would let everyone know my experience.

I got an invite from them and i didn't even know what it was. so i am using it now on my G1. it's great, it takes a while to figure out how it works. my only issue is that somehow even though i am calling people and receiving calls and texts through the Google Voice app, t-mobile is STILL clocking all of my minutes and texts. so... there is a problem somewhere. i am thinking that perhaps calls placed through the google voice WEBPAGE do not get clocked on my t-mobile plan, but everything placed ON MY PHONE actually do. this is my theory, and i am trying to figure it out more.

whatever the case is, it's awesome, but i cannot cancel or reduce my minutes plan.

Also, please do not use the app called "GV". instead, install the official app for google voice, the aptly named "Google Voice" app. it's not glitchy.