Galaxy Nexus

Google hasn't wasted any time setting people up for the Galaxy Nexus. Already, the Samsung Nexus S has been removed from the domain to make way for the Galaxy Nexus. You can check out a list of features for both the device and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich plus, register for updates when they become available. Still reading this? Go now.

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Google updates Nexus site with Galaxy Nexus details


Excited for this phone. No mention of a removable battery cover but the introduction speech called it a "Battery Door" so hopes are still high.

When you see pictures of the back of it,you can see the place where you pull the back off. How do you feel about not being able to remove the storage?

I would rather a removable SD card, but I can live without it if it has 32GB built in. I just like options. but if Battery life ends up blowing, only so much you can do without upgrading your battery (or, hope to God not but, carry a second one with you)

This is my Black Friday gift to myself .. was gonna save my mula for a 3dtv or something game related (or pc related),but now,its all going towards my wonderful Galaxy Nexus..
soon my beloved infuse 4g will take its rest :)-

This only comes second to BF3 and a new mouse. already preordered and am returning my G300 for a G500. So Nexus here I come...

Me too. I'll let others find the flaws. Then I'll decide.

The Samsung Craptivate was complete rubbish, and if Samsung screws up a Nexus branded phone I'll never even consider their products again.

That said, this looks like a true winner based on features and specs.