New Google+ notifications

Notification sync comes to Google+

An updated notification interface is now rolling out to Google+ on the web and through the official Android app. First up, notification sync is coming to Google's social network, and reading or dismissing a notification on one device or platform will register the change across all platforms. (Google recently announced something similar for Cloud Messaging in Android at Google I/O.)

And the notification UI has been given a fresh coat of paint, too. A new bell icon makes it easier to see if there are any new notifications waiting, and notifications are grouped based on whether they've been read or not.

Google's also used this opportunity to roll out some new features and tweaks elsewhere in Google+.  For instance, it's now possible to delete photos from directly in the "photos" view. Reshares are now shown alongside comments and +1's in the post view. And the left-hand menu has been redesigned to fit with the new look seen in other Google apps, such as Gmail.

The new version of Google+ is being rolled out gradually on the web and Android. Shout out in the comments and let us know if you're seeing the update yet.

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Google+ update rolling out with new notifications and other tweaks


Love how my devices are always at least a day behind on these staggered rollouts. I must have angered the Google gods somehow.

The image above this story shows a dark theme. Does Google+ now offer this feature? Anybody know? I don't really wanna update unless/until there is dark theme support.

That's just a screenshot of the notification panel of the current g+ app (before todays update) That panel is already dark.

Received the update (also downloaded an APK), but no bell icon or three-bar icon in my notifications tray...

When will Google enable add/remove photo from existing album? Really would like to have Pinch/Zoom in Hangouts as well. They seem to do the less obvious things first and we have to wait for glaring omissions!

agreed. why the F can't i delete a pic/gallery directly from device? it appears you always have to go to web G+ to do it?

and no matter how many times i try to stop auto upload - it keeps doing it.

very F annoying!

Biggest wish: to be able to choose some pictures from an album (or from all pics) to share without having to create a new album just for that.

Here I thought Google finally started to pay attention to GUI consistency between their products and this update just ruined it.
Books/magazines/music apps look like they came from the same team.... The slide out menu is the same font/color,etc.

The new gmail app and now this g+ have an inconsistent font/colors/separator lines.

I wish they paid more attention to details like Apple does... It really doesn't take much but the end result looks very polished

Got the update here about an hour ago. Still waiting for the Google Music update though...

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Nice changes but PLEASE Google, get rid of that hideous bar at the bottom. It's so ugly and out of place.

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Some of these new changes being released by Google are a bit confusing. Especially Gmail

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