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The stories about the death of Google TV seem to have all been a bit exaggerated, as Google just announced a slew of new partners -- including ARM processor manufacturer Marvell -- on board with GTV.  Before I wax too poetic (I'm a huge Google TV fan), here's the list of announced partners:

  • LG - We’re thrilled to welcome global consumer electronics leader LG to the Google TV family. LG will showcase a new line of TVs powered by Google TV running on their own L9 chipset at CES.
  • Marvell - Also new to the Google TV family this year is Marvell, an innovative worldwide leader in chipsets. Marvell will be showcasing a new generation of Google TV solutions which will help bring more products across more price points to consumers.
  • MediaTek - We’re also excited to partner with MediaTek, the leading Taiwanese chipset designer. MediaTek chipsets will power yet another wave of Google TV devices.
  • Samsung - We’re excited to work closely with Samsung to bring Google-TV powered Samsung devices to market in 2012.
  • Sony - We’re happy to build on our partnership with Sony. At CES, Sony will unveil new devices for the US and plans to offer Google TV powered products in several countries around the world in 2012.
  • Vizio - Last year we announced our partnership with Vizio at CES. This year we’re excited to join Vizio as they hold private demos at CES showcasing their new line of Google TV-powered products.

We'll be sure to get as many details as we can at CES next week, where we expect Google Android news to flow like wine. 

The "big deal" here is the ARM support (here comes that poetic waxing).  The only thing wrong with Google TV as it stands now is hardware that doesn't have enough oompf to satisfy our fickle desire for speed.  The Atom chipset has had it's day, and it's time to move forward.  Give me a set-top to replace my Logitech Revue with a quad-core chip and a sizzling GPU and I'm all over it, and expect I wouldn't be alone.  We've always thought that Google TV could capture a big portion of the set-top box market, and with news like this it might just be moving into the game console market as well.  Long live Google TV!

Source: The official Google TV blog


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Google TV is alive and kicking with new partners and ARM chipsets


I do have a revue and its just garbage... if you are like me, your computer is already connected to your tv, this is like going back 10 years tech wise.

1st of all the thing is slow!
2nd no apps, why? i just dont know, there is A LOT of apps that could have use on the Gtv, but most of them are not available...this is VERY SERIOUS there are probably 3 out of 20 or so apps available that anyone would actually want, why not games or emulator? there is keyboard put that to a good use, remote phone app is great...
Final 3rd the most important thing on all androids... Browser!!! is totally unusable, completely broken. i get ooops message on every webpage a go to no exception.

I would replace my revue if I could get a newer box that controls everything as well as the revue and also controls things like my bluray player

Great news! I love my Revue and will definitely be purchasing one of the newer set-top boxes when they are released.

I hope some of these companies develop set-top boxes instead of just Google TV ready TVs. All of my TVs are new and I'm not looking to replace them just yet, but a nice Google TV set-top box will make them even nicer!

As long as it does not crash every few minutes like the Revue's shockwave / Flash player. Since the update the Revue has been unusable. Logitech blames a poor Flash update by Google. Little hope there. I'm back to the Roku. I just want it to work.

TV?, It's like the Oak Island Money Pit, so many have searched,(no pun intended)and have come up empty handed. The ultimate prize. Conquering TV is like the walls falling at Jericho, you have to push hard, or blow if you want to get picky.

The point is that if Google can pull this off, well, we'll all live happily ever after, right?

I wish Sony would make Google TV work thru my PS3. Is that possible? Been considering getting a revue this past month, but not sure.

I can control my PS3 via my Sony GTV (the TV with android built in, not the set top). Fantastic integration. I'm not sure what you're looking to do though...

Those of use that don't live in the US will continue to envy those that can purchase these devices, as well as continue to give our money to companies that are coordinated enough to launch their services globally, like Apple.

Love my Google TV revue, and I really hope to see some improved horsepower with new devices, the UI is great, and the fact that I'm looking at google Chrome on a 47in TV is Awesome. :-)

I absolutely love my sony google tv box. I bought it on a whim to replace my htpc that sh!t the bed and have been shocked by how much I like it. I even got an apple fanboy friend of mine to buy the revue and he's very impressed so far. I have had no issues at in the two months of using it.

Great--I just got a Vizio tv and Logitech Revue two months ago because it was cheaper and better than the only GTV made by Sony.

Oh well, maybe Samsung or Vizio would make a better one (hopefully with Hulu and Hulu Plus) that I can use in the main room.