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Creating a more seamless shopping experience on mobile

Google is working to make its search result ad experience better, and the next step is to make sure ad offerings are localized to where you're performing the search. Google Shopping, the ad service that gives sponsored search results when searching for products, will now be localized on the web with better information based on your location.

For example when searching for a product, you may see an ad for the specific product you want — tapping on that product takes you to a full page called a "local storefront" within the search where you see more information. This new localized page will give you pricing and availability information for a store closest to you, along with a map of its location.

If you still need more information, you have the ability to call the business, get directions or just buy the product online with a simple tap from that local storefront. It's all about getting you information on the products that Google thinks you'll want, and presenting it in a simpler format.

Source: Google Commerce Blog


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Google Shopping product search results will now be localized on mobile


Not sure about this one. I am as likely to be searching for a product from a supplier not local to me as one that is near. I want the option to have an unfiltered internet not dictated by a blunt algorithm. A simple toggle would help.

Google shopping search results are entirely paid-for Advertisements, just doing normal Google search will be better for consumers.

Well I'm pleased about this personally, was always a pain to get results from elsewhere in the world which were of absolutely no use

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