Here in the states, we are about a week-and-half away from one of largest shopping days in America: Black Friday. The day after people stuff their faces with Turkey, crowds of people bum rush retailers just to get that "big" TV or "in" toy for half price. But instead of running the risk of being trampled by raging soccer moms at 5 a.m., a wise team over at Google just made shopping a bit more easier. 

Google has just updated the Google Shopper app in the Android Market. The new update brings the app to version 1.3. As noted on the Google Mobile Blog, the update carries new search filters that allow users to filter by price and brand. In addition, the app now features -- well, a new "featured lists." The lists let you browse suggested gifts and let you know where the best place to get them at. So instead of trying to fend of some women swinging her purse at you for that microSD card -- remember, a Googler made shopping for the cheap deals a bit easier for you. [Google Mobile Blog]


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Google Shopper updated to version 1.3 for better filters, featured lists


Honestly, when I'm shopping around the only App I need is my Amazon App. Amazon is the best as far as prices go. Everything is always onsale. Love them!!!

Am a fan of Google Goggles and am a fan of Google Shopper. Would be nice if they integrated Shopper into the results of what is found when you scan the barcode with Goggles though.