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Following on from some other recent Field Trip updates, the app is now available in the UK. Field Trip is a Google-created app designed to highlight local points of interest, popping up notifications while you're out and about, and allowing you to browse through nearby places on a map, or based on location.

Previously limited to the U.S., Field Trip's UK debut is the latest in a series of UK launches for previously U.S.-only Google products, such as Play Music and Play Magazines.

Right now the usefulness of Field Trip to Android phone owners in the UK will depend on where in the country they live. London is pretty well-documented, with cards for restaurants, venues, historical sites and other attractions clustered around the center of the capital. However other UK cities are looking much more sparse at the moment, so hopefully Google will continue fleshing things out in the weeks ahead.

Brits can grab the latest version of Field Trip for Android at the Google Play link above. You'll need Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher to get in on the location-aware action.


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Google's Field Trip app now available in the UK


I work in the centre of England's 3rd largest city (Leeds, behind London & Birmingham) and it says there's only 2 places near me!

- and I live in Oxford, one of the most popular tourist destinations, and there's only 8 places near me - and they are pretty obscure ones!

Field Trip can also point out Google Ingress Portals while you drive and not have to have the ingress app open.

This may not have anything to do with the article, but I just need to ask because I'm curious. Is purchasing one of these smart phones expensive? I have grown interested in an Android Phone after reading countless articles about games and features that smart phones have. My current phone is an old prepaid phone and I really think it's time to upgrade.