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The Google Play Store appears to be down for users in Puerto Rico. A thread over at the Android section of the Google Code site has received lots of responses from people in Puerto Rico confirming the issue. The problem is affecting a variety of handsets, including the Motorola Xoom (pictured above) to the Galaxy Nexus.

If you're in Puerto Rico and are also experiencing the issue, please head over and report it to Google. Make sure to tell them which device you have and what version of Android you're running.

Hopefully this issue can be quickly resolved.

Source: Google Code

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Google Play Store down in Puerto Rico


i noticed that last night on my asus tf101 and was wondering why... but funny how my lg optimus s still works O.o

Azure, Google Talk, then Twitter, then the Play Store.

They are all dismissed as trifling little mistakes or a minor part failing.

[Reaches for tinfoil hat]...

Paid apps never worked to begin with, I've always had to tether my tablet to my Sprint phone in order to actually be able to buy anything on my tablet. Haven't checked my tablet yet today, I'll take a look later, hopefully they're just addressing the long standing mistaken filtering of certain ISP that caused paid apps to be unavailable.

The Play Store came back to life after three days down. Still no access to Music, Books or Movies, and still the same mess not being able to purchase apps for tablets. What a waste of time!

Those who did not experience the Play Store outage is because they are with Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile and their devices register as from the US instead of Puerto Rico, because of said networks. Users with Claro, Open Mobile or Wi-Fi only tablets weren't so lucky.

The problem is with Open Telephone companies and Claro. At least I'm on T-Mobile with a Galaxy Nexus JB and no problem. I solved the problem for many with the application of market enabler. Need Root Access

I am in Saint Lucia and the Play Store has been down for the past 5 days. I can't download apps even from the browser.

I hope Google resolves this soonest.