Google Play Private Channel

If you're a Google Apps for business, education, or government customer; there's a new update to Google Play that you'll probably want to check out. You can now host private internal apps right in Google Play.

Once it's enabled in the developer console, applications can be uploaded to the Play Store, and users who sign in with the same domain name will have a new section to browse, download and update internal applications without any sideloading. This is a great way to host accounting apps, a help desk, or anything your team might need, and a really easy way for the folks who need them to get them installed. It's great to see Google catering to the enterprise.

For more details about how to get started and set up your own Google Play Private Channel, be sure to have a look at the source link. 

Source: Google Enterprise blog


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Google Play Private Channel will host internal apps for your business


That's too true, most enterprise decision makers are easily distracted by shiny things. If they extend this a bit to include being able to push preconfigured, normal apps onto the phone i can see the android handset becoming the defacto standard for small/med businesses that are on the Google bandwagon. Productivity app makers would have a whole new market to play in, selling customized tools to businesses that had an easy way to manage them. This is a pretty big advantage over the "other" way of doing things...