Google Play Movies updated

The Google Movies Google Play Movies app for Android has been updated with a compatibility fixes for some Honeycomb tablets. Today's update fixes an issue which could cause the app to crash on certain devices, including Sony's Tablet S and Archos' 80 G9 tablets. If you've affected by random crashes in the Play Movies app, you'll want to grab the update now from the Google Play Store.

Google Movies became Google Play Movies a few weeks ago, as part of Google's rebranding of all its content delivery services. Alongside Play Movies, Google Music became Google Play Music, Google Books became Google Play Books, and so on. You get the idea. Aside from some shiny new app icons, everything works just as it did before.

We've got the usual web links and QR code for the Google Play Movies app after the break.

There are 3 comments

icebike says:

Alongside Play Movies, Google Music became Google Play Movies,

Minor typo there Alex.

15israellai says:

Still hoping Google Play Books, Movies and Music will come to the rest of us outside the several countries.

user123456 says:

When is someone going to make some "Google: You got played!" commercials?