YouTube now streams Play Movies & TV

Google has updated its back end so that movies and TV shows purchased through the Google Play store will now stream through the Android YouTube app (and on the desktop) under the Purchases section. As the change happens on the Google side, no app update is required on the user's part to enable this feature on Android smartphone and tablets.

If you've purchased any video content from the Play store, they will appear in the Purchases section of YouTube in chronological order based on the date of purchase. Unfortunately, you cannot sort this list or re-arrange the order.

Additionally, if you are more familiar with the Play Movies & TV app, you can also watch your purchased video content there as well, but this definitely adds more flexibility for users.

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ultravisitor says:

Purchases have been streaming through YouTube on the desktop for quite a while now.

TomW093 says:

But not in the YouTube app

md0600 says:

For some reason the few movies I have show up but say unsupported format in the youtube app. They play fine on Play Movies

fuzzylumpkin says:

I only own transformers dark of the moon, but it appears to play and also casts to chromecast.

Who knows, maybe I'll get round to watching it.

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seanjenkins says:

2012 nexus 7 by any chance? I haven't seen it either. To be honest I'm annoyed there is no 'disown' option.


fuzzylumpkin says:

Yup! Yeah I know what you mean, still getting recommendation based on that bloody Jeffrey Archer book! >:(

The £15 store credit was nice though.

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mwara244 says:

I bought the N 7 2012 and was given free Ice Age, I thought I was supposed to be given transformers. FML

GIkari says:

This is Google's last step. Bringing app and web features together. The location tracking (where you can see where other users are on a map) in Google + is only on the app :(

YouTube filters are limited in the app as well. Cmon guys, finish the job!

Posted from my Nexus 5

vegasjoe says:

Has anybody tried this in the YouTube channel on the Roku yet? I'll take a look when I get home tonight, but it sure would be nice if this would open up those Google Play purchases/rentals to the YouTube channel.

vegasjoe says:

..oh well, no-go for Roku's YouTube channel yet.

Jordan Pt says:

Does this apply to iOS devices too? This would be huge if it does.

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tompro53 says:

This feature has been on the YouTube app for a long while now.

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TurboFool says:

I wonder if this indicates a plan to kill off the other app. Might make more sense than maintaining two separate video platforms.

DroidOn says:

Might simplify casting. We'll see.

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Frazzel 001 says:

Trying to get it to cast to my Samsung YouTube app. But seems to be constantly loading.. Anyone else tried to see if it works for them with purchases from the store?

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MrTwisted6 says:

Unfortunately there is also no integration between your own YouTube accounts... Even though they are the same email. Think I'll just stick with Play Movies, as it's not constantly breaking either.

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DirkBelig says:

Unfortunately for me, my Play account is tied to one email and my YouTube is on another email.