Valentine's Day

If you're a hopeless romantic or a film buff, Google Play has a big Valentine's Day sale going on. Rentals start at just $1.99, and the list is chock full of favorites both old and new. While Star Wars is notably absent from the list, Mrs. Hildenbrand informs me that The Notebook and City of Angels are perfect substitutes, and ones we will be watching this week.

Watching the movies you rent or buy is easy. You can use your phone, tablet, or Google TV box with the Google Play Movies app, or visit from any computer with a modern Internet browser. What can't be helped is that not everyone has access to Google Play Movies. If they aren't available in your country, other avenues exist that can show Hollywood how much you support their world distribution licensing. 

Check out what's available from the Google Play app on your Android device, or via the web right here. And be sure to enter our Valentine's Day contest to win a Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 to watch movies on for next year's Valentine's Day sale!


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Google Play Movies is in the mood for love with a big Valentine's Day sale


Taken 2: new film, not Valentine's related, £11.99 for HD
50 first dates: in Valentine's section of play store, old as hell, £11.99 HD

LOL!! Indeed, where are the deals?!

I still havent spend a single dollar on Play Movies, Magazines, Music, Books.. yet I bought at least 40 or 50 apps in less than a year (Got tired of sideloading)

20-25$ to "buy" a movie, but you can't trade it nor lend it to a friend nor sell it either.

Even people of your household won't be able to access it unless they have full access to your account!! (Mean mail and stuff, too!)

And 4 or 5$ for a RENT? It's around 3 mere bucks in 7/11-alikes!

This is boolshit.

You're not enitrely wrong there. But I've purchased a few movies when I've found them on sale for $10 or so. There are deals to be had, they are just few and far between.

As for renting. Sure I could go and rent something cheaper somewhere, but that rental wont' play on my Nexus 7, so the point is moot.

EDIT: to clarify, you won't find me spending $20-$25 on a movie, but if I see something cheap that is good, sure I'll pick it up. It is nice to have it available to stream and store locally when I need to, something I can't do with netflix.

Don't see the point of buying a digital copy of movie when I can buy a disc and then just burn it to have the best of both worlds. Honestly I just steal movies anyways but I'm just saying.

$1.99 is a rental on sale? This is why I don't use pay-per-view. It has to be cheaper than I could rent it at the local Blockbuster, or whatever (don't think there is "whatever" any more, and one pretty good sized city I know of doesn't even have a Blockbuster any more).

My TV provider charges $5.99 for me to "click buy". Apple store is usually around $4.99 for the same movie. And Google Play is usually around $3.99 for the same movie ~ So yeah, $1.99 would be a sale.

With that said, I agree, why in the world do we have to pay more than $.99 - $1.99 to simply click play to rent a movie these days? They don't have to provide a true piece of media to put in my hand and they don't have to provide a brick and mortar store for me to rent it from.