Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One

HTC One runs $599, Samsung Galaxy S4 is $649

Today's the day, and now's the time. The Google Play edition — that's the official name, by the way — Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S4 and HTC One are now on sale directly from Google Play.

These are full-price devices, each upwards of $600, running "stock"-ish Android 4.2.2, which is the latest version of Android released. We say "stock"-ish because, well, "stock" Android means all sorts of things. Anyhoo. You get the Android experience in the purest sense of the word with these devices, and with a couple extra thrown in. (Namely, Beats Audio on the HTC One, and the Samsung flip cover clock on the Galaxy S4.)

The 32-gigabyte HTC One costs $599, and the 16-gigabyte Samsung Galaxy S4 runs $649. You can order both from the devices section at Google Play. And it's worth mentioning that Google Play has a pretty horrible track record when it comes to up-time during major device launches. So if your order starts to hiccup, hang tight, and be patient. It's also worth a reminder that these are U.S.-only for now.

While today is the official order day, Google says phones will ship by July 9, so we'll keep an eye for updates in our Google Wallet accounts. (Google has a habit of under-promising and over-delivering on that front, which is nice.)

We've got both devices already and are giving them the what-for. Check out our initial thoughts on the Google Play editions, and stay tuned for a more in-depth look.


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Google Play edition HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 now on sale!


HTC One... Ordered. Ship date July 9th.

Thanks for the links guys, I still could not get there from the play store.

You're gonna love the phone. Tweak the power settings and it least for days and days on a single charge. I get 3 or 4 days out of mine(the carrier HTC One).

I noticed this too, and boy have I been telling all of the YouTube commenters that are saying the S4 would be the better of the two ;D

If the processor is written wrong for S4 then this is a great mistake. But if the processor is really s4 pro then Samsung should be blamed 100%. What the hell they are doing.... written mistake or product mistake !!!!

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It's entirely possible that Google had to promise US only distribution at first in order to get Samsung and HTC to sign on. This is a new thing, and I can understand both companies wanting to be cautious at first to see how it goes before they commit to making more. That's just smart business.

Probably better than it will be here after Obamacare kicks in and he goes to war on the coal industry.

Did you see under the spec list that it doesn't label gorilla glass 3 on the S4, but it labels it on the HTC one? Also that they gave the S4 the Snapdragon S4 pro instead of the 600.

Says it in the description up near the top.

"Featuring a 5" Super AMOLED display and Gorilla ® Glass 3, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 brings you rich, vibrant colors on a durable, scratch-resistant screen, with an ultra-thin body that still fits in comfortably in the palm of your hand."

HTC is labeled as gorilla glass 2 just like any other HTC one. As for the CPU listing, I have high doubt's that that wasn't a typo...

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Now... lets wait for those ROMs to come out so we can try it out on out "non-stock" devices!

I'm sure he is reffering to taking better quality shots, specially at night... If you ever use and HTC One and take pictures with it you will know what he is talking about!

There's a difference between magapixels and ultrapixels.... HTC would never release a flagship phone with camera quality like that.

I mean a ROM from developers. If it's released from Google for ATT, can't it be tweaked for Verizon by the developer community?

WCDMA and CDMA are like in TV terms PAL Vs NTSC completely incompatible. I can't see a CDMA version any where unless someone changes out the chipsets..

Just ordered the HTC One (GE). 3-5 day shipping is free. 2 day shipping = 11.99
Total with the 3-5 day shipping option, including tax is 652.91

Devices aren't visible from main Play Store page but are listed on the devices page.
(AC won't let me post a link to the devices page)

Both of these phones should have been the T-Mobile version just with stock Android. Then it would have worked with 1700 AWS HSPA+.

Just ordered the SGS4 GE. Love how they kept it where u can use the flip cover. This will be great. Can't wait to get it!

I would probably be quicker and cheaper to wait for Phil to give these phones away, and break your contract with Verizon switch to AT&T, than to actually get one for Verizon.

Anybody else notice the LTE frequencies? Hoping that they are typos or missing some information.

Edit: Nvm, in the other article comment area they are saying that there are some errors that they're fixing.

does the GS4 GE come in black or only white? is it weird for a guy to be using a white phone?

I too only want the phone in black. I thought at Google IO they referenced the S4 GE coming in both black and white. Tried having a white phone once, but once you go black...

If I ever see one of these in the wild, which is doubtful, I will quietly laugh at the person who bought it. That is all : P

S4 GE ordered! But DAMN! $50 for tax is painful! That alone makes me wanna join the tea party!

I am totally kidding about the tea party...

Move to Delaware or other states that charge you State Taxes over Sales Taxes. FYI Tea Party are mostly against federal taxes. Your sales taxes as of the moment are only collected for the state. Yes, sure federal govt wants to get a cut of internet sales, but that's not yet established.
The more you know..

Well this sucks. I would've liked to order the Google Edition HTC One today but due to Google's poor business model, which doesn't allow purchases outside the US, I'll have to resort to buying this from a 3rd party at a ridiculously higher price.

The firmware for Google Edition devices is handled by Google themselves. So that means that they should receive updates just as fast the Nexus line.

Additionally, these devices come with stock Android right out of the box as opposed to the Developer Edition comeing with TouchWiz and an unlocked bootloader out of the box.

So is this aimed at general consumers? I'm confused why someone wouldn't just get the Dev Edition @ $650 w/ double the storage and then flash whatever flavor ROM they wanted.

That's exactly what I'll end up doing! It makes sense when you really stop to consider it. However, I do like the prospects of quicker updates.

>"It's also worth a reminder that these are U.S.-only for now."

No, the correct reminder is that they only work on two of the four large US carriers.

They're unlocked Sim phones, so go ahead and take it anywhere you can get a mini Sim card, or ride them on any network that provides you with a mini Sim card in the U.S.