Google Play edition Galaxy S4

Kernel source now released for both GPe devices, but still no full updates available.

Following right on the heels of HTC releasing the kernel source for the Google Play edition HTC One, Samsung has released its required code for the GPe Galaxy S4. This isn't at all surprising, as the manufacturers are required under their license to make the kernel source for these devices available. What is surprising is that the source is for Android 4.3, a build that as of now hasn't been pushed to either one of these devices.

We have to think that the kernel source code being published means that these updates will be on their way in short order. In the meantime those who need this kind of source code can start looking through it (search for i9505g at the source link below) — remember that this isn't everything needed to make a custom ROM, just the kernel bits. Keep on the lookout for those OTA's, folks.

Source: Samsung


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Google Play edition Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 kernel source released, too


Very encouraging that Sammy/HTC and Google appear to be delivering on their word of timely Nexus like updates for the GPE devices.

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Shocked, shocked I say that Samsung would actually get this out so quickly. Glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a locomotive bearing down on us.

i dont want that to happen. Google should control at least this by saying get ur shit ready by this day and release all at once

This seems promising, actually. If the Google Play Edition manufacturers can get their updates out within 2 weeks of Nexus devices receiving them, I'd say it's a fairly decent trade off. And when you think about it, there are plenty of Nexus devices that still haven't received the 4.3 OTA yet.

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By plenty that haven't received it u mean pretty much every non nexus device. It usually takes months for manufacturers to get the newest updates on their phones.

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I was talking about Nexus devices. The OTA is still rolling out and not all of them have received it yet.

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The OTA have been released by Google. Anandtech have more detailed info & screenshots.

9 days after Nexus devices got 4.3, I think most Gpe users would appreciate how fast these updates gets delivered.

I just went and read the story. This is a damn good turn around for the OTA!

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Why, it's only the kernel not the full OS update. When we see a full GPe OS update to 4.3 or 5.0 then we can say its a good day to be a Gpe user.

Can't wait to get this on my S4 Google play edition. I'm not shock how fast this one is coming alone. Remember tho its not a huge update. Let's see how fast it the update is when Key Lime pie drops!

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