Google Music deal

Google is offering 29 music albums priced at $2.99 in honor of the leap year in the Android Market. The albums range from Rihanna to Pink Floyd to Bob Marley, so everyone will likely be able to find something that fits their taste.

Google introduced Google Music last year and this is a good way to drive adoption. The more high quality albums they're able to offer at low prices like this, the more people will be inclined to use the service.

If you're interested in any of the albums, please find a link to the Android Market in our source link.

Source: Android Market

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Lanhoj says:

Damn it, of course I have to be in Canada today, grrrr!

arundc says:

You do realize that you can visit the US Music site on your computer and purchase the albums? They will eventually get pushed to your Android devices when you return.

I love the Music site, particularly their high bit rate and the fact that everything is synced...

Lanhoj says:

Not from within Canada, I get an error.

gatorboi352 says:

If they wanted to "honor Leap Year" they'd done a much better job pricing them at $2.29.

ReggieTee says:

Wow, Bob Marley's Legend Double Album for $2.99. Even if you're not a fan of raggae, this is a no-brainer.

Ricky Babalu says:

Agreed ..................I like Marley. It is the only album that caught my attention.

crazy_skier says:

I'm having a hard time not buying these. already got 2 today!

ak110707 says:

Too bad i already bought Watch the Throne... :( 2.99 is sweet!

smotrs says:

$2.99 EACH. I read it as 29 albums for $2.99. Bought 2 so far anyway. :)


But I have Spotify Premium so I already have all of these albums when and where I want for millions more!!

happajay says:

Which is $120 a year more than all the music I need for free on Pandora.

Glenuendo says:

I just bought Van Halen's new album. It's a good way to check out something I may or may not like.

cyanogen-man says:

Am I the only one pissed off?? There's no Metallica ozzy slipknot trivium Nile. Suffocation skinless arch enemy none of the music I care about :( :( metal heads always get shafted

Hey how about bullet for my valentine, motley crue, atreus or some papa roach!

popologuy says:

AND no Monkeys, Herman's Hermits, Dave Clark Five, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Donovan or other old school heavy rockers...

KCMike says:

I've yet to try Google Music (& probably won't). Amazon is working out great for me. Plus, I try to limit the Google products I use. G already seems to own half the world these days.

mr nruz says:

so what let them take over the world

xeroslash says:

I would use Google music exclusively if they weren't overpriced in my experience. This 2.99 sale is great and I'm definitely gonna grab a couple albums here.

But generally I've seen albums listed on Google Music about $2 higher than in Amazon. AmazonMP3 is my go to for purchasing music right now. Wouldn't mind seeing competitive pricing from Google to make a switch.

Suntan says:

FWIW, it would appear that Amazon is offering the same digital albums for the same price of $2.99 today. In case anyone prefers to use Amazon.


Thanks for the head ups. I should have realized earlier that Amazon would match price (they did the same thing during the $.99 app days).

whipstitch says:

Bob Marley Legend - first album I bought on google music. My payment went through fine, but when I click on "listen" I get "There was a problem loading your music." with cancel and try again as choices. The album shows up in google music on the browser and all my uploaded music plays fine on my phone but no Bob Marley on my phone. WTF?!?!

Way to go google!

cckgz4 says:

Buying up some stuff

drhere says:

Exile on Main Street