Google Now can switch languages on the fly

Google Now can now recognize changes in language on the fly, keeping up with you as you transition from one language to another. The intelligent assistant will continue to understand you as you switch from, for instance, English to Spanish, in the span of one sentence.

Google Now can actually rapidly switch between up to seven languages. You will need to pre-select the languages you plan to use, but once that's done, Google Now will be listening for any changes. All of this is part of making Google Now more conversational and natural.

Looking to the future, Google is working on solving hard problems when it comes to natural language and interacting with our devices. One of their next major projects with Now is recognizing the voices of children. While there are some legal issues concerning collecting data from children, covered by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, there are also technological concerns. Children have different speaking patterns at different ages, such as how they pronounce certain words.

Does this update make Google Now easier for you to use? Tell us down in the comments.

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Google Now can switch between languages on the fly


I agree. Being able to switch languages automatically is pretty awesome. It is the reason I use Swiftkey when I am on Android, because I have friends and family that speak both English and Spanish and I speak both without first thinking about which I am going to use. Great that Google is able to keep up.

Well, great but what about other languages? Polish, for instance – my mother tongue... It would be wonderful if Google, at last, make Google Now to be able to understand 40M people in the heart of European Union.

What´s wrong with OK Google? OK is a word that is used in Spanish quite a lot, and there is not spanish word for Google. LOL

He means Google hasn't enabled "OK Google" on devices with Spanish set as the language.

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"Google Now can now recognize changes in language on the fly"

Is this coming to Google Now or can one use this as of now? I can't seem to turn on this feature on my N5. The Now application was updated yesterday. Any info on when this will be available for mortals?

Have the same issue. That article states you have to activate the languages but i don't see an option on were to select both English and Spanish

Well that is nice, but how about to get it to work with non-supported languages. With English as a fallback of course. As a swede, as an example, if if a feature such as a timer isn't available on I can't use it with Google Now. Sure, I can force the app to use, but then I loose local search and a few other goodies. For the more "Google Now" oriented features I think you need to run your whole system in US English.

Shouldn't be that hard for the system to accept a command in English, check if it's supported in your native language i.e. you say "set timer" but the timer is presented in your native language. And when that's not possible, you get a timer in English. I have no issue with English and my pronunciation is pretty good, but Google and Google Now wont even let me try,,,

This is extremely useful here in colombia, google can now understand "remind me to talk with the director of fundacion pies descalzos" or "take me to centro comercial andino" which used to be a huge headache

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Hold on.... I can't get Google Now to understand one language (English) must of the time. I cannot imagine this is going to work smoothly.

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Yeah only setting I see for additional languages is under the downloaded languages for offline use... I'd try just speaking to it in Spanish but I barely speak to it in English as it is so whatever...