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Poof. It's gone. Shortly after Google tells the L.A. Times that the Nexus One will be sold out by the end of the month, the phone no longer is for sale at Fare thee well, N1. You shall be missed. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Google Nexus One no longer for sale


It's sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end. I, for one, am happy that I got the Nexus One. I have never regretted it. Now, I can be one of the few that have the privilege of owning this great phone.

Plus, if I ever do decide to sell it, the value may go up since it is no longer able to be purchased outside of a carrier.

Is it true you won't be able to purchase it other than from a carrier?

Last I heard Google was looking for other outlets to take over sales of an unlocked carrier phone. Car Toys, Best Buy sort of places.

Its still available in EU.

As of right now, they are only selling through other carriers they have deals with. I'd be surprised if someone like Best Buy starts carrying it as it was never meant to be a mainstream phone, rather a phone that pushed the envelope of mobile technology and for Android development.

All I got to say is that my Nexus One was the greatest phone that I have ever owned. It has it's problems just like any other phone these days, but if it wasn't for the screen technology I would still be using it as my primary phone. I just got the Captivate and I love how responsive it is, and not to mention that 4" Super AMOLED is the best looking screen I have ever used. I am keeping my Nexus One because I just can't see dropping a phone that is still one of the best in the dev world. It is completely open like Google wanted it to be. I thought Google had a great idea with the store. I liked the idea of buying the phone outright and not having to have a contract.

Goodbye Nexus One you are still the king in my mind and showed me what Android can be. We all got Froyo and we will certainly be the first to get gingerbread. I am a huge fan of vanilla Android and I can see the Nexus One still being one of the best Android phones out it is a shame that people wont be able to get the phone any longer. I was hoping that AT&T would start to sell them brick and mortar, but I knew that would never happen. I really hope Google changes their mind and gives us a Nexus Two running Gingerbread and HTC hardware with a 4" screen and dual core Snapdragon or dual core Hummingbird (if it even exists, or will exist). I hope you all enjoyed your Nexus One as much as I did. I see myself continueing to use this phone for awhile and I usually get rid of one phone to get a new one in this case I just couldn't get rid of this phone.

Though this phone wasn't exactly a marketing success, I'm very, very glad I own one.

The Nexus One is by far the best handheld computer and the best phone I've ever owned, and I've owned a lot of each.

I'll be using this phone as long as I can, until I wear it out or until it becomes too outdated to use, whichever comes first.

Interesting how they're no longer being sold yet it is still the only officially froyofied device out there right now. :-)

I still dont believe it was ever meant to be a mainstream phone that millions of people would have. Im convinced it was purely a development and Android advancement phone. The Nexus One was by far the most advanced piece of mobile phone hardware at the time it was released. I think Google developed this phone as a way to push the envelope of Android technology (hardware and software). Both Sprint and Verizon were supposed to get the N1, however they each brought HTC phones that rivaled the N1 in technology. Ever since, Android phones have become better devices. I think without the introduction of the N1, we would not have EVO, DInc, DX, etc...

Also, Google has referred to the N1 as their development phone on more than one occasion. Along with pushing Android hardware further, I think that this phone was meant to be a development platform for the future of Android that everyday users could get as well. Although you cannot buy it from any longer, as a registered developer, you are able to purchase the phone from Google. They wouldn't do this if one of their reasons for creating this phone was to make it a development phone, not a consumer phone.

Also gone, it seems, are the accessories.... Glad I grabbed my car dock last week.....

N1, received back in January, is still a top-notch phone which I will be using until I run it into the ground.... HUZZAH!!!

Ouch, I knew they were about to sell out of the phone but didn't think they'd take down the accessories too. I was thinking about ordering the car dock and just hadn't pulled the trigger yet. Guess I'll have to grab one off eBay before the prices shoot up...

Yeah... the hell? Anyone know another U.S. source for genuine Nexus One/HTC Desire batteries?

Edit: A Google employee says:

Sorry guys. Now that the web store is closed you can't buy any accessories from Google. Your only option at this time is to buy from third party resellers if you're so inclined. Thanks for supporting the Nexus One!


OEM vs. third-party battery comparison for those interested:

I found a handful of genuine OEM batteries for sale on eBay - I made sure to filter for "US Only" ("genuine" items from Hong Kong might be questionable).

I too have a soft spot for my Nexus One. Ironically, I dropped it in a lake this past weekend (Oops!) and had to get a Captivate to replace it. It was a great phone and pushed the envelope for other phones. I even convinced my 55yr old mom to get one and she loves it.

I'm going to now put my N1 back in its box and stick it up in the attic and in 20 years sell it out ebay for 100 million dollars. I love my N1, we are a select group, its like watching the Boondock Saints again first the first time. "We're not always doing business but we're always open"

That was the best post I have read all day. You can never go wrong when talking about the Nexus One and the Boondock Saints in the same sentence. Plus one sir, plus one!

I feel priviliged as a Nexus One owner. I get all official updates first and the developer community is totally behind it. I remember watching a video of the HTC HD2 and said to myself, " I will by any android phone that comes out with a 1gig processor no matter what carrier" That's what i did. I have absolutely no interest in any phones coming out now because they don't push the envelope the way that the Nexus did when it fist dropped. Sure you can have a 4.3, 4.0 screen or even have it be super amoled. But that's still not enough to get me to give it up. Froyo and an Amoled screen are enough for me and mu processor is not outdated. The only thing that will make me leave this King is something with dual core which i am waiting for.

This is such a bad move. What is left to keep the carriers honest now? I believe now that there is no longer a pure "vanilla" Android phone, the carriers will turn Android into nothing other than a modern version of a feature phone, with the majority of the OS development cost covered by Google, allowing them even greater profits. Time will tell, but as far as trusting North American TELCO's to make the better choice... haha I don't think so.
That said I just got my N1 a few weeks ago and I am loving it. Now I am stuck without a way to buy the extra battery, & the car dock. If anyone is able to come across any info on where/if we will still be able to buy these I would really appreciate it. I am not really interested in any of the 3rd party docks that I have seen so far.

I believe Gingerbread (Android 3.0) is supposed to address all of the custom UI's being put on the phones. If I remember correctly, Gingerbread is supposed to be focused heavily on a UI redesign and essentially block carriers from adding their own custom UI's on top. At the I/O conference, I believe they mentioned this being one of their ways to stop the Android fragmentation by not allowing all of the custom UI's that there are today. Assuming this holds true, I believe Gingerbread will be more than enough to keep the carriers from going crazy and ruining the Android experience, especially if Google is able to develop a UI that will please the masses.

As for the battery and car dock, I would open a help ticket with Google. I cant imagine they magically sold out of all phones and accessories at the same time. Plus, they are still offering the phone to developers, so they have to have some stock. They may be able to allow you to purchase the necessary accessories.

I am also very worried about this as well and this is why I was a big fan of the Nexus model every year rumor that was the rage a couple months back. Google can further the Android platform on the hardware side as well as continue to advance on the software side. It gave us a great dev phone that can be bought with an agreement and is unlocked, I was planning on just buying "Google Phones" and now I am scared that Android is going to turn back into the crap that phones were before. All different skins with no plans to upgrade the phone and the newest trend is the one that scares me the most. This whole locking down phones like Verizon and Motorola are doing is a huge step back for the platform. Come on Google continue to push the envelope and keep the OEMs honest it can get out of hand really quickly and Vanilla Android/Fast upgrades will cease to exist as we know it.

Will the carriers have a back stock for current N1 owners? What happens if our devices are lost or stolen?

I assume HTC will have some sort of stock of new or refurbished devices on hand for warrenty replacements. Plus, carriers are still selling the phones directly (vodaphone for sure, but possibly t-mobile as well). Plus, Google is still selling the phone, but only to registered developers. So, they have to have some stock somewhere.

I wonder if they're just selling the phone to registered developers, or if they can still purchase the accessories also?

Yeah, they wanted a pure Android phone to help get Android where they felt it should be, and decided to sell it too. Now that we will be getting one annual upgrade post Gingerbread (which has been stated as mostly cosmetic) I think they really mean that GBread is truly Android 1.0. I also think that the N1, was their tech demo, and that's all. Yes they decided to let us get a taste but that is all it was. Great phone, so long.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i been holding off on getting one cuz there was a rumor that it was coming to tmobile stores!!! what the hell am i supposed to do now? get a MY TOUCH 3G SLIDE??? MAN...THIS DAMN HTC VISION BETTER BE GOD-LIKE OR ITS "WINDOWS PHONE 7 SERIES PHONE 7 PHONE" FOR ME!!! UGH IM TOOOO PISSED OFF....WHERES MY G1 *grabs G1 and throws it out the window*

Why didnt you just buy it from Google at the T-Mobile subsidized price? No reason to wait until its in the store, when you could already buy it from Google.

The Vibrant and the rest of the Galaxy S lineup is very promising my friend or you could buy a used Nexus One online. No need to jump ship. The Nexus One will continue on for a long while. If the G1 is still around how much longer can a great phone like the Nexus One hang on?

OK this begs the question. Knowing that more powerful handsets are on the horizon and the Nexus One won’t truly be an indicator of OS and application performance what will become the next “Developer Phone”? What made the Nexus special was it was a one command root and voila! insta dev phone. Now nothing like that exists and something on par with the upcoming super phones is going to have to take its’ place to provide an analogue for testing.

Sorry to cheer up all of you sad people, but the Nexus One isn't going to be discontinued. We've known for months that Google was stopping their online store. TMobile and Vodafone will be carrying the Nexus One in the stores, and the phone has been tagged to be the next developer phone. So, um... the only news here is that the aforementioned online store closing is finally happening.

Don't confuse "no longer sold by Google's store" with "No longer sold by anyone." A little research goes a long way.

Has t-mobile been confirmed yet though? Last I knew it was only rumored that they were going to sell it in-stores (and that was a couple months ago). I would have figured they would have them in-store by now. if they dont, then the only place to get them from would be Vodafone (UK) or through Google by becoming a registered developer.

Also, the N1 is the developer has been since January 5.

I have a Nexus One - came from a Nokia N97 (and two different N95's before that). To me it was like coming into the 21st century of computing.

Was resetting my N97 to sell on eBay other day - and it seems to antiquated compared to the Nexus One.

I find it sad and ironic that the Nexus One is now no longer available. I have had a cell phone since 2000. And as tech got better, I got a different phone. I have had a Mitsubishi phone (my first), 3 different Samsungs, a Nokia 3390, a RAZR and the Krave ZN4. Among all those, none was a smartphone. The Nexus One was to be my first. After switching to Verizon in '08 after 8 years of T-Mobile, I hoped I would find the right phone. I stalked the Nexus One online for any info on it's imminent Verizon release, and in the process learned as much as I could about the Android OS in the process. And after waiting and waiting, I found out about a little phone from HTC called the Droid Incredible. After the heartbreaking announcement of no Verizon Nexus One, I bought the Droid Incredible instead. I always wondered from afar how a Verizon Nexus One would be. But I am happy with my choice. Best phone I have ever had. But my infatuation for the Nexus One is what made me an Android diehard. So this is sad news for me.
I thank you Nexus One for steering me towards the Android community. Although I didn't buy you, you still got me here!

Well funny how these things work. After asking the question yesterday of where to get the stock N1 car mount, because I dont really like those universal mounts. I did come across a link to an answer from a Google employee posting on their help support that said they are no longer going to sell them.
I had begin to try to think of different way to manufacture one out of materials and custom mount it in the car. Then along come Lifehacker! I love this site. They come up with this
I was thinking of doing something a little more complicated and custom, but this will do the trick I think. :)

Its crazy that these $500+ phones are reaching END OF LIFE within 8-9 months after release. N1 and Droid, but Droid (at least) has a nearly $600 successor.


PS; I just bought the damn Droid X today.