Google Maps update

If you have an Android phone chances are that you use Google Maps, and you've got a new update waiting for you in the Android Market.  Usually when we see an update for Maps, we see features like indoor mapping, or updates for places and check-ins, but this time around it simply states that this version is a bug fix for "newer devices". 

We have no idea if newer devices means yet-to-be-released Verizon devices, or current devices (we're not hearing about any glaring bugs in Google Maps for the latest phones), but in any case bugs have been fixed.  Go grab it from the market, or hit the jump for the quick link. 

Thanks, brianalley!


Reader comments

Google Maps updated to version 6.0.2, brings bug fixes for 'newer devices'


The directional marker is still broken. Compass apps properly point to North on my Droid RAZR, but Google Maps points in some crazy direction. I've seen others confirm that this is a Google Maps problem. The "bug fix" update didn't fix this bug.

Anyone know why Navigation went from a sort of "follow me" style to now a birds eye sort of view? Did I do something in my settings unknowingly?

Maps started hanging on my Nook Color running CM7 with version 6.0. This update brought it back to life. Yea!

My wife's Rezound started looping and rebooting itself when using GMaps. She almost wanted to return it and swear off on HTC branded phone. Maybe this is the fix that will solve that problem. Hope so, because she really like Sense and Rezound otherwise.

randomly mentions a website which interrupts/overrides the voice guidance..disappointed. also does not mention speed cameras? although I guess the latter may be down to being a Beta version. disappointed with the guidance now and going for a resolution soon

Jan 02_2012

Google Maps is trying to get me to update again (After Dec_2011).

Wants to be able to take control of wi-fi settings, over-ride screen locks etc.

Why does it need to do any of this. I object in princple.

Anybody els seen this update and required changes of authoritiy?