Google apps updates

Google Maps, Google Listen and Google Goggles have each received updates today in the Android Market. Here's what's new:

Google Maps Navigation now has a cool feature that will switch the app to "night mode" when you're going through a tunnel. Not sure how much navigating you'll need to do while you're actually in the tunnel, but it looks cool. 

Google Listen is getting its second update this month! So much for being shipped off to the land of forgotten apps. New today is a bug fix that "fixes an issue in which Listen while in the background would improperly take audio focus from other apps."

And finally, there's Google Goggles, which is getting a few bugfixes in version 1.7.1. Fixed are the following: 

  • Don't store inaccurate locations for queries in search history
  • Show the description field for user-submitted results
  • Don't crash when loading large bitmaps
  • Performance enhancements in continuous mode

Worthy updates, all. Head on into the Android Market or use the links below to get your updates.

Download: Google Maps; Google Listen; Google Goggles


Reader comments

Google Maps, Listen and Goggles get updates


Sounds good, but I have to say I've been hating navigation's night mode ever since they started muting traffic condition highlighting for everything that's not on your current route. Trying to discern traffic conditions on alternate routes, especially when you have the actual 'traffic layer' selected, is downright dangerous while driving now.

Me too! I'm holding stubbornly to Listen, despite there's an authenticated feed I'd desperately like to listen to without having to use FreeMyFeed to do it. I've used other Podcast programs, but I just find Listen's simplicity (and the fact it's a Google product and I'm a Google, fan) the reason I keep going back to it. I would love to see them really show it love, but the fact that it's getting updates gives me hope.

Gah! Every time they update Maps I have to reset the defaults on what app to use for navigation, maps, etc. Alas. Small price to pay.

I wish they would focus on Listen and really make it a podcast app. I recently switched to pocketcast because I was fed up with Listen

Nice catch on all those typos. I was just about to make a comment on them when the article was taken down. Whoop whoop!

Thanks bryanc28, you beat me to it :)

It said "UI updates in the changelog"'s a pretty simple app with not much to it...I can't see the UI update....

Every time there's a Google Maps update, I keep hoping they've finally implemented using Navigation with a customized My Maps. It's a feature we've been begging for...and Google folks keep saying "we're looking at this very intently" but, no cigar. Soon..soon..

I keep hoping they'll enable the ability to zoom around Maps and let us read publicly posted Google+ posts like you could with Buzz....

The Google maps update also lowers the volume of music during navigation instructions rather than just stopping the music completely. I like this feature a lot!

They sure do update Maps frequently. I think this is the fourth update since I got my phone a few weeks ago. Not a bad thing by any means, just shockingly frequent.

I crash Maps/Navigation on a daily basis on my LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile. So these updates are nice. I wish they would add a layer for starred locations in Navigation.

i would love to see a feature on Maps "auto toggle on/off GPS when using Maps". not sure if this is possible or feasible though.