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New registration system aims to avoid the usual rush for tickets

Android head Sundar Pichai has just announced the dates for the 2014 Google I/O developers conference. This year, things are a little later than usual and the event will be on June 25 and June 26.

Things are still at Moscone West, and like recent years the events will be lived streamed for everyone to watch. What has been changed is the registration system.

This time around, folks will be able to express their interest and selected participants will be chosen and notified. This should alleviate some of the hassles we've seen in recent years, where tickets sold out moments after they became available.  It should also weed out the folks who go with the sole intent of selling any hardware giveaways on eBay, which happens far too often for our tastes.

We've got the rooms booked, and are ready for this year. Pichai says full details on just how to try your luck at registration will be coming next month.

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Google I/O 2014 scheduled for June 25-26


I'll gladly accept the burden of that weight if you ever happen to move on to something else :)

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I might finally be able to go again this year, got to go in 2011 but missed out with the craziness the past couple years, and the Google Wallet timeout...

Same here. 2011 was lots of fun. I'm actually less optimistic about this year, any time selection criteria comes up for Android users its basically a bunch of nerds pulling it out and seeing who's is bigger. "I've contributed more to the Android ecosystem... I've developed x number of apps... You're not a REAL developer..." and on and on.

But having said that, I still booked two nights at the Hilton Union Square since hotels are sometimes the hardest thing to get a hold of. Although I'm not sure if badge pickup is the 24th and the conference is the 25th and 26th? Is it shorter this year?

and you've done?

It's supposed to be a *developer* event, not a schwag event. The schwaggers got burnt last year so I hope it continues to stay a developer focused event :-)

They should of done this years ago. I also still believe those you got screwed by the payment processor should be among the first to try to get a ticket.
I wanted a ticket but could not get it due to google wallet screwing up.

So the whole Google Voice third party support is ending in the middle of May...maybe the update will have it's own release?

I know. It just doesn't have sufficient power to push that many pixels and run the intensive games of today.

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I wish that would have happened 3 months ago, too late now. Going to pick up a Note Pro 12.2 on Saturday...

I really wish it would have come out already...

As well as I/O, we need Jerry @ MWC to tell us what's really going on...

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One of the perks of getting old is that you can let the young fellows do the globetrotting :)

Alex, Andrew, Phil and Richard will absolutely kill the news. That's what they do, and they do it well. I'll stay busy manning the mother ship, and sleep in my own bed every night and enjoy Mrs. Hildenbrand's delicious cooking.

I/O is different. I want to go to I/O :)

Yaaaay!! I'm excited!! I won't be going, but I'll definitely be watching the live stream.

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Apparently a number of tickets have already been allocated to developers that participate in certain Google sponsored open source projects. So it looks like one way to get a ticket is participate in these projects on GitHub and ensure that you have a lot of accepted Pull requests.

Also, it look like a number of journalists have been pre-allocated spots. IMHO, this is wrong for a developer event unless those journalists are developers.