Galaxy Tab 10.1 at IO

Let the bidding wars begin! Since Samsung handed out those Google IO 2011 editions of their hotly-anticipated Galaxy Tab 10.1 yesterday, eBay has been flooded with the tablet, with sellers capitalizing on its exclusivity. Don’t expect a bargain: we saw some of the tabs pushing four digits by this morning, with lots of time left to bid. If you absolutely must have this edition (admit it—it's pretty darn cool), hit the source link for what eBay has to offer. And if you just can’t justify that limited-edition pricing, we’ll see you in line on June 8.

Source: eBay


Reader comments

Google IO limited edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 hits eBay, bargain hunters faint


I would have loved to go and get all the free swag. Then you get idiots like this who just want to sell the goodies and profit huge on it. I'd like to punch the greedy b******s in the face.

Four digits for a tablet? I paid three digits for a fully ruggedized used laptop that not only does everything I need for work and play, I can drop it on the floor without it breaking. Can you do that with your four digit priced limited edition tablet? I don't think so. Anyone who pays four digits for a Galaxy tab and can't wait for it to be released is an idiot.

Yeah, its pretty classless to dump them on eBay the day they got them. I doubt you'll see Samsung do anything that gratuitous in the future. Thanks for ruining it for future attendees.

@ColonelPackage, au contraire -- I bet Samsung is positively giddy over this. Galaxy Tabs going for four digits in a mad eBay bidding war? You can't buy PR better than that -- that is almost iPad-level hype.

It would be so cool if google or samsung activate remote kill switch on these and wipe them. I thought google gave them out for developers to actually develop apps for these not to flip them on ebay.

These morons are driving the prices down as well by flooding ebay with these