Google Glass gets a bump in specs

Google has been good about rolling software update for its wearable Google Glass but this time the company is implementing a hardware update. Given that the update is hardware-based, existing Glass owners won't be able to take advantage of this and only new Glass owners will be in for the treat. The updated Glass hardware will bring better performance and battery life.

"In the last year we've made over a dozen software and several hardware updates," Google said of the wearable.

In a post on Google+, the Glass team says that Glass now ships with 2 GB of RAM rather than 1 GB from the older hardware. Additionally, battery life is also improved by 20 percent with Glass.

Software updates that everyone can take advantage of include 10 percent faster voice search, a new viewfinder for the camera, and new Google Now cards.

Likely, existing owners will not want to dump their $1,500 investment in Glass for a fresh pair of shades with the bump in specs, but for hopeful Explorers is this enough to get you to make the jump with Glass?

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Google introduces updated Glass with noticeable enhancements


any one else curious as to why Adam Zeis is looking at a holographic old guy about to unzip his pants?

ive been so tempted to buy glass lately. i wish i could test drive one before buying it to see what im getting myself into. whatever happened to those secret covered up floating islands google was hiding? i wonder when this new hardware is coming out, theres no specific date but i want to guess maybe after i/o? i guess we shall see what happens tomorrow.

You aren't allowed to return them? I wouldn't worry about whether it is right or wrong when they're charging $1500.

I wonder if the UK units will be this new updated model, if I'd dropped £1K on one and it wasn't back it would go.

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