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Google has shown off what's new in search at Google I/O and during the keynote they announced improvements to conversational search,  Google Now and the Knowledge Graph. We've had conversational search on Android and iOS for some time, but now you'll be able to access it through Chrome on any laptop or desktop. You can click the mic to start talking or simply say "Ok Google". It looks pretty slick.

In addition, they also announced support for 4 new languages for their Knowledge Graph: Polish, Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The Knowledge Graph is the search iteration they unveiled a while back that presents relevant, immediate data based on what you're searching for.

Follow our live coverage of the Google I/O keynote for the rest of the day's news!

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LesserCure says:

They got the Turkish translation of "Turkish" wrong. lol.

othercents says:

Yeah it should be Türkçe. Türk would be a person who is of Turkish nationality. They used the adjective instead of the noun when translating the word.

deadlock4400 says:

@Sean Brunett

Thanks for the post.

Sensing the upcoming Artificial Intelligence, not too far !!!!

edhe says:

so where do i get google now for my chromebook?

heyjb28 says:

When is this rolling out? Did they say in the keynote?

pmcardle says:

I absolutely LOVE Google Now and Search ..this is a great addition! I use it now in my Chrome through the TAB addition in settings. Works great!

jamespit says:

Thanks for such a good information....about google knowledge graph.

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