For many, the Nexus 7 could be a first foray into the world of Android. Google hasn't forgotten about those people, so they've gone and posted a quick getting started video to help guide through the process of setting up the tablet. While not providing compelling viewing for the more experienced -- many of the Android Central readers -- we should remember that we were all new once. It's a nice touch to see Google ensuring that all types of user are catered for. We'll take a guess that we haven't seen the last of these educational type videos either.

Something to note too -- the Nexus 7 in the video has clearly had its bootloader unlocked. Then again, it is a Nexus, after all. 


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Google helping out newcomers with Nexus 7 getting started video


The idea is to get the bootloader unlocked, custom rom flashed, and radio drivers updated before that email from team android hits your box asking if you would like any help getting started.

Google NEEDS a video- or some sort of media- to show customers whats up with the Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 "Helpline" is a horrible joke, the customer support email is..well, lets just say I shot them an email a week ago and STILL have not received a response. So, here is a video. You can watch it while your on hold for an hour with the helpline.

Goggle is the bomb.. can you imagine crapple demoing an jail broken iPhone on their main instructional video...?

Lol.. Google rocks...!

You can also guarantee that this wasn't an accident...!