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Win a Nexus 4, 7, 10, or $10 in Play Store bucks

If you like free stuff, Google has some great news: it is giving away ten Nexus 10 tablets, seven Nexus 7 tablets, and (you guessed it) four Nexus 4 phones, as well as 100 gift cards worth $10 a pop in the Google Play Favorite Things Sweepstakes. Only U.S. residents 18 and older need apply, and a Twitter account is required to enter.

First, you'll need to follow @Google Play. Next, pick something you're fond of in the Play Store -- it can be any movie, music, book, app, game, magazine, or TV show. Tweet a link of the item with #favoritethings. The example given by Google is "My favorite movie on @GooglePlay is Toy Story #favoritethings." Finally, complete the official entry form.

Entrants have until 11:59PM PT on April 24, 2013 to complete the above. For a complete list of official rules, follow the link below. Google luck!

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Google gives away devices and gift cards in Play Store sweepstakes


I agree. I don't use Twitter but use both Google+ and Facebook a lot (with my G+ posts forwarded to Facebook). It seams odd that they wouldn't include G+ in the contest in any way.

There are a lot more people using Twitter than there are on Google Plus. Twitter gets a ton more mentions in the "regular" media than Google Plus does. You don't see TV shows telling you to use a hash tag on your Google Plus feed.

Look at the latest numbers. Google+ has the 2nd highest number of active users, behind FB and ahead of YouTube (Twitter is in 4th).

Google doesn't allow contests on G+ for business pages. I think it's Google abiding by their own rules that apply to everyone else. Do no evil and all that...

I do not find it odd, I find it annoying as hell...!!! Why the need for social media and then on top of that not even your own social network...SMH Enough with the social media, enough with monitoring peoples' lives (oops, I mean free membership), enough is enough. If you want to give stuff away just pick random accounts from the playstore, not like you do not already have our information...

Google wants you to do free advertising on your Twitter feed for them. If they can get a trending topic on Twitter that goes a long way in spreading their message.

You don't understand how business works, do you? You expect a company to just do a giveaway for free, no action on your part, just to be nice? Nope, no such thing. No one is trying to monitor you (Jesus)..
You tweet about the Play Store, and one of it's apps; you generate buzz for Google and a developer; and you get a chance at a gift from Google. Simple as that. Relax.

I found it ironic that a contest using the hashtag #myfavoritethings wouldn't let me link to my favorite movie The Sound of Music because it is not in the play store.

I know I won't win, I dumped my useless twitter account and have no interest in opening another one. Not really into the social media nonsense.

Same here. Holding contests is well and good, and I understand the Twitter motivation - to reach out a bit ...

But there should be contests for the Google faithful as well who have dutifully drank the kool-aid and deleted their twitter accounts!

Jesus wept! Screw Twitter and Facebook contest requirements! I have zero interest in any social media with rare exceptions. I'm certainly not going to expose my personal info for what amounts to this generation's version of a sweepstakes ticket.

Sleep well Google PR people when we learn someone took out a family of 5 in a head-on collision while tweeting to enter a contest they had a 1 in a million chance of winning a lousy $500 device that wouldn't change their lives one iota. Until the wreck of course ...

"Only U.S. residents 18 and older need apply, and a Twitter account is required to enter."

No love for the UK? Typical.

Bizarre that they aren't using Google+ for this.

I'm guessing whoever organised this competition will be getting an awkward phonecall very soon "you do know we have our own social network don't you???"

Some love for Google+ and UK users please.....

That kind of stinks...I don't have a twitter or FB nor will i open an account just to win a contest. This should been on google+ instead.... oh well...

I went through the rather annoying process to enter - no confirmation - it looked as though nothing happened so have no idea if I entered or not - what a bother (well, if I won something my attitude would undoubtedly change....)