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The Google+ app for Android has just been updated to version 3.2, bringing a few notable features. First and foremost, "Google+ Pages" owners -- like businesses -- can now view, post and comment from mobile. Also in this update is a new "find people" feature -- which is pretty self explanatory -- and the ability to access photos from posts with one tap. Viewing photos was a bit of a pain in the previous version, requiring a series of taps to eventually get to it full screen, so this is a good improvement.

You can grab the app if you haven't already from the Google Play Store link above. We've got a couple screenshots of the UI for you after the break.

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Reader comments

Google+ app updated with pages support


You have to logout and log back in every time you want to switch from your personal account to a page. What a terrible implementation of pages support.

the big question is what happens to the instant upload pictures you have when you log into your page. My guess they will stop working, or upload under that page. which is an issue either way

Like the widget, but prefer scrolling. Kind of irritated by the tap-to-next-post change in the widget. Reminds of the lame Facebook widget.

Just updated google+ app and now nothing at all just saya no connection but connection is fine. Rebooted and still nothing :(

App fails to connect on my stock GS3 after update. I expect another update to fix this one.

WTF the new widget sucks.! it's like Facebook now.. I liked it way better then before..come on Google don't copy other people's work

Beware. Google+ on Android may start using massive data in the background with no warning. It used up to 4GB of data in less than a week while was not even on the phone using it. at 10 dollars a GB it was a huge waste of money. I cannot even uninstall google+. I am seriously considering throwing my Samsung phone away and buying an Apple Iphone.
Again, dumb your android and save tones of money.