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Google is showing off the new sexy with the Google+ app update, but unfortunately only iOS users get to see it for now. Things like full bleed pictures, crisper sharp fonts, larger profile pics and a revamped home screen are on board, and from the looks of the screen shots it's absolutely freaking gorgeous. But again, it's only for iOS right now. 

Before we start writing those on-line petitions, Vic Gundrota, Google senior VP, has already said the Android version is coming soon, with "a few extra surprises". That does little to soften the blow, though. To be fair, the iOS version really sucked and was in dire need of an update. Google loves to make money from folks with an iPhone (and they make mountains of it from them) so it's good business to offer something for the iFolks. I'll patiently wait for the Android version, and wonder what the extra surprises might be. Speculate away in the comments.

Source: Google; via +Vic Gundotra


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Google+ app gets updated, it's beautiful - and iOS only for now


Its just wrong, on so many levels.

Sounds like a desperation move. Doesn't the iPhone culture already have some equivalent platform, and haven't they been mocking G+ over on iMore for months?

I thought google+'s competition was other social networks. I didn't realize google+ was a social network competing against a cell phone maker.

This is like when mom pulls out a freshly baked cake for your sister on your birthday, but later at your party, you get the same cake with more layers and ice cream too.

Cool, the G+ app on iOS looks great. Now if they could only get contact photos to be a half decent resolution.

whatever... this can only be good in terms of iphone people. they will go all over and tell people how google, gave it to them first. and how cool it is, maybe even use it. but once it hits here, they will talk sh1t of it lol

Come on Mr. B that's a bit dramatic. I'm sure we all enjoyed Google + before we read this article.

Well, I guess the 12 people that actually use Google Plus will be excited..or at least the 4 that use iOS will be anyway.

I just want better pic resolution for my contacts!!! I'll check out the new iOS version on my gf's iphone... can't wait to see the extras on my Gnex ... oh and who gives a flying F*** if iOS users got an update before Android, really... can't we all just get along !!? lol

This is exactly the thing to be concerned about by their action. If I was google I would have released the upodate for both OSs at the same time.

This is unbelievable. iOS first over their own platform. If Google can't even focus on their own platform I don't feel guilty about switching to the iPhone anymore...

I'm happy for them. They're making money off of iOS and they say the iPhone app sucked. Butter them up and continue to give Android users awesome FREE apps and features.

I think this is smart. iPhone users who haven't checked out G+ will do so just because of this iOS first release, you know how they are. When they try it they will discover a great new app and probably stick with it. Way to play into those egos Google.

Funny how people complain about Google+ being empty.Of course it's going to feel empty if you don't circle people you find interesting.Same thing goes for someone who activates a new account on twitter,facebook or any other social site.

^ This! I have like 500-600 people/sites circled and it's anything but dead. Stop sitting around waiting for people to find you and add people already.

Absolutely! When I first started on G+ I lamented the fact that none of my friends and family were on it. At someone's suggestion I went ahead and circled a hundred people in various areas of interest. Now I feel like I get a lot more enjoyment from G+ than I got from Facebook or Twitter; I hardly ever visit those other networks anymore. Even though my personal friends and family still aren't there, I have far more engaging and interesting interactions on G+ than I ever had on FB or Twitter.

If everyone who's on G+ just started out by circling at least 100 people who share their hobbies or interests, and start participating, then I can see G+ growing and attracting more people.

to all the people complaining...
google most likely has different teams working on the apps for each platform
if one team finishes first then the app will get released. thats probably the reason the ios one was released..

excellent point. I recall the Android app getting some releases first but can't remember anyone complaining about how it was unfair to iphone users... interesting.

besides if the app looks this good on a tiny iphone screen imagine how much better it will look (& work) on a large android screen. Plus it's not even something I worry about, Google delivers updates in a timely reliable fashion, unlike some other companies or manufacturers that I can think of. Personally I'm very excited to see how it will look on my phone & I'm looking forward to the promising design changes.

Yeah. The think the issue is Android and iOs users have a "we were first" complex for whatever reason. For some reason they believe success comes to those who released first. Yet anyone paying attention to Apple knows that isn't the case. Apple has released a string of products that were not first to market but in multiple cases took the lead shortly after. Being first to market with an idea is not the guarantee it once was/

How is it BS? You certainly can't argue that iOS is easier to program for. Android has to contend with a million different hardware configurations. iOS? 1. You can argue until the cows come home, but it's true...developers have it easier with iOS for iPhone/iTouch and other iCrap.

I'll agree to that. We are fighting issues where I work with android devices. Turns out our Android app is having issues with certain Android device models. Talk about a pain in tracking down. Kind of hard to make an app when the device it can run could have a wide range of specs. That is my single biggest complaint of the Android platform.

We have to remember apps by Google such as Google+ and Gmail are also used by people on other platforms. We should stay classy about this unlike some those Apple users who thought Instagram was exclusive to iOS only.

I think everyone is remembering that Google+ and GMail are made for other platforms, but I think they are also remembering the originating company develops its own platform. It sucks that Android users are hearing how beautiful this is on another platform. And, this is after another Nexus update fiasco. It's gestures like these that make customers feel that they are secondary to the system they chose where iOS users feel that Apple caters to them.

It's just amazing how all of these companies keep missing the mark on customer loyalty. The "New" customer ranks as a priority for cable, internet, and retail companies. The receive all of the perks while the old customers look on in amazement. Apple has nailed it with consumer loyalty. It's an old school philosophy. Treat your customers right, and they will bring in the new customers.

You're right about the whiners. The iOS app sucked, and now its really good. We will have an even better update soon!!!

I cant wait to see this app on a galaxy note or 7 inch tab. I feel.sorry for iphone users and their small screen real estate. I will wait till they get all the great Android devices up and working rather than pit out another beta.

So many idiots here. It just had to do with them needing to update iOS version so they got together everything they had and pushed it. THe reason they didn't release it for Android is because they are still making the new changes they want. This is perfectly acceptable and not a big deal. Stop all the cry assin'.

I just wish more people used Google+! I hate being in a facebook group and constantly thinking how much better huddles are and wishing desperately I could just pick them all up and bring them over to the better ui and better features. Ugh, it's frustration but maybe some day Google + will get the recognition it deserves.

I feel it's simply a bad PR move to release iOS version first. It sends the message that Google's own platform is second rate. I understand that there are reasons behind the move, however, the perceptions are still negative as is evidenced by the comments above. My opinion.

I think this is a great move for Google. They make a huge chunk of money off iOS for them paying for this newly renovated app. iOS people are all excited that they get something before Android users and it makes them want to check it out and buy it. Then after they get their little gloat period we get to say we got it too with even more features. I don't mind waiting a little bit, our app works fairly well whereas theirs was pretty crappy.

The way some people behave on Android Central will lead you think that they suffer from a serious inferiority complex. The guys on iMore don't seem to care, there are 7 comments in total on the related post, and most saying that they don't use Google plus. But I see 0 referring to how IOS is better because Google plus released a better app for it first. Take a chill pill, Android programming is more complex because of the framework and also the plethora of devices for which it must work with has to be taken into consideration.

Apple makes its own mobile software, like Garage Band and iPhoto, exclusive to its platform. Apple is business-minded, and sees exclusivity as a differentiator and an incentive to lure and keep customers. Google, is not very cut-throat when it comes to business. It's like the nice guy who likes to share, but gets taken advantage of all the time.

I think if Google wants G+ to succeed, then it NEEDS to give all users an all platforms an excellent experience. However, it can and should still hold back and promote some stellar features that are exclusive to Android because Apple's closed system wouldn't allow them. Google should should bring updates to Android first, then to iOS a month later.

I hope the update improves sharing. It's frustrating that the G+ app doesn't have the "Share" function that other Android apps do, so I can share posts and images from G+ through text, Gmail (or other apps) to my family who are not on G+ yet. The G+ app only lets me share to G+ circles.

Wow, really guys... If the app is done sooner, why should they wait to release it? It's not like you lost something...

I get the feeling that Google is still treating Android like a wife who is non-ugly,
fun in bed(with the lights turned off)... great cook in the kitchen, has a job that
can bring home money, can bear a couple of kids...

In reality, Google can't stop staring at the hot blonde model(i.e. iOS/iPhone/iPad)
Google know it can never sleep with the hot model because she has a manager/pimp
(i.e. Apple, Inc) but Google still does everything in its power to woo her.
Letting iOS have the new updated Google+ is just like giving flowers to the hot model
but not the wife.

Oh... by the way, I was a die-hard iOS fan until I realized that it's just a pretty
face with a semi-empty/boring brain. I switched to Android and couldn't be happier.

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Google is always riding Apple's balls, but yet 2 make any official Windows Phone apps. They claim it's because Windows Phone doesn't have enough marketshare. That's bullshit. Just 2-3 years ago Android Phones didn't have any marketshare either. I remember when I first got My G1 on T-Mobile, my friends used 2 Laugh at my phone & the android market was a joke. I think they're scared of the potential of Windows Phone. Plus they know a lot of us are already heavily invested in their Google Services. Don't be scared of the competition Google. Not too long ago, the Apple App Store wouldn't even approve your apps. You were crying like a baby, filing lawsuits and stuff. Now you're riding Apple's nuts. I love my Android, but I'm starting to hate Google. I never thought I would say those words. I've rolling with Google since their search engine only days.