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Regular subway commuters in New York City, this one's for you. Google has flipped the switch from this morning, on a new addition to their transit information in the City. When searching for transit directions, or when selecting any one of the 468 subway stations labelled in Google Maps, disruption alerts and any planned service changes for the relevant stations will be displayed. 

The added features are available in Google Maps on the desktop, and within the Google Maps Android application. It's noted that Google is regularly adding new features all over the globe. And, having up to date travel information right within the app most Android users will be using to find their way around, is no bad thing.

Source: Google Lat Long Blog


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Google adds service alerts for NYC subway into Google Maps


Need this for Boston. Can we sign up somewhere like Google Fiber to get this to our town?

Richard, do you know if you can create a Google Maps widget like the ones that tell you the traffic conditions on your regular routes - to let you know if you regular subway routes are experiencing trouble? This would be a killer feature in my mind.

Doesn't look like it at the moment, but anything's possible in the future. It's Google after all :)

BTW...i spent about a minute having a look, so if anyone discovers you can do this...shout up!


OK, I am a New Yorker and this makes me very happy. There are 4.5 million of us who take the subway on a daily basis. For us, this is AWESOME!!!

Is there reception in New York subways? I'll be visiting New York this October and wondered if this affects navigation. Let's say I ask Google to navigate me to a dept store. Once I go underground does the signal cut and navigation stop? Should I just pull maps and not rely on real-time navigation?

There is officially no cell service in the subway. However, some stations are shallow enough that you will have service. Totally depends on where you are and which service you're using.

PS: To all my iphone carrying fellow New Yorkers. This is a feature you WILL NOT HAVE when apple moves over to their own maps.

Even if Apple wasn't moving to their own maps, iPhone users wouldn't benefit from this. The maps app on iPhone is not interactive at all. You can't click on the map to get more info for anything.

Apple: I'm making my own Maps

Bloggers/Media: Apple is making its own Maps, what will Google do? Apple Maps will have 3D. This is a game changer....blah blah blah

Apple Fans: Apple Maps will be so much better than Google, this will be the death of Android..

Google: Ummmm....ok

Apple Fans: I really miss street view. There are no walking directions? I don't really see the point of this 3D. Yelp? Why Yelp?

Google to Apple: I SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THIS, SON!!!!!