Gingerbread on T-Mobile G2

Remember the snafu last month where T-Mobile was shipping out warranty-replacement G2s running Gingerbread? Well, some crafty tinkerers have extracted the build and made it available for all to download. This 2.3 update is the same exact version as the one T-Mobile mistakenly shipped out, so though it isn't "official," rest assured that it is the build that big T is working with. No, you don't need root, but yes, there are some bugs that still need squashing, so as always, download at your own risk. Hit the source link to grab the update from T-Mobile's support community.

Source: T-Mobile Support Community


Reader comments

Gingerbread leaked for the T-Mobile G2; same build as the version mistakenly released last month


I gave up on waiting for T-Mobile to get their act together and put out this update. I finally rooted my G2 last week and installed CM7. The root process was much simpler than some of the guides made it out to be. Now I'm mad at myself for waiting so long to root.

I just downloaded this on my phone. There aren't many bugs. Soo far the only ones I have come across are the vibrating when the camera button is held down and my keyboard backligjt isn't working. Other than that nothing bad for me.