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This is one that most of us here in the United States take for granted. Android 2.2 supports 26 languages, or variants thereof. Android 2.3 Gingerbread more than doubles that at 57. And atop the list is Arabic -- one that's been atop Google's own AOSP wish list for quite some time. So, yes, Gingerbread supports Arabic, and a whole bunch of new languages. Peep the list below. We're more global than ever! [Android 2.3 Locales]

  • Arabic, Egypt (ar_EG)
  • Arabic, Israel (ar_IL)
  • Bulgarian, Bulgaria (bg_BG)
  • Catalan, Spain (ca_ES)
  • Czech, Czech Republic (cs_CZ)
  • Danish, Denmark(da_DK)
  • German, Austria (de_AT)
  • German, Switzerland (de_CH)
  • German, Germany (de_DE)
  • German, Liechtenstein (de_LI)
  • Greek, Greece (el_GR)
  • English, Australia (en_AU)
  • English, Canada (en_CA)
  • English, Britain (en_GB)
  • English, Ireland (en_IE)
  • English, India (en_IN)
  • English, New Zealand (en_NZ)
  • English, Singapore(en_SG)
  • English, US (en_US)
  • English, Zimbabwe (en_ZA)
  • Spanish (es_ES)
  • Spanish, US (es_US)
  • Finnish, Finland (fi_FI)
  • French, Belgium (fr_BE)
  • French, Canada (fr_CA)
  • French, Switzerland (fr_CH)
  • French, France (fr_FR)
  • Hebrew, Israel (he_IL)
  • Hindi, India (hi_IN)
  • Croatian, Croatia (hr_HR)
  • Hungarian, Hungary (hu_HU)
  • Indonesian, Indonesia (id_ID)
  • Italian, Switzerland (it_CH)
  • Italian, Italy (it_IT)
  • Japanese (ja_JP)
  • Korean (ko_KR)
  • Lithuanian, Lithuania (lt_LT)
  • Latvian, Latvia (lv_LV)
  • Norwegian-Bokmol, Norway(nb_NO)
  • Dutch, Belgium (nl_BE)
  • Dutch, Netherlands (nl_NL)
  • Polish (pl_PL)
  • Portuguese, Brazil (pt_BR)
  • Portuguese, Portugal (pt_PT)
  • Romanian, Romania (ro_RO)
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Slovak, Slovakia (sk_SK)
  • Slovenian, Slovenia (sl_SI)
  • Serbian (sr_RS)
  • Swedish, Sweden (sv_SE)
  • Thai, Thailand (th_TH)
  • Tagalog, Philippines (tl_PH)
  • Turkish, Turkey (tr_TR)
  • Ukrainian, Ukraine (uk_UA)
  • Vietnamese, Vietnam (vi_VN)
  • Chinese, PRC (zh_CN)
  • Chinese, Taiwan (zh_TW)

Reader comments

Gingerbread gets Arabic, slew of other new languages


Someone needs to make a wallpaper out of that image of our lil' buddy standing in front of that globe ASAP

A) Could mean Arabic input only at the moment (keyboard)
B) This is not the final release which supports these languages (including Arabic).

Definitely a move in the right direction of Google to support all these languages if they want to continue their worldwide domination.

are you sure for the Arabic ?
because there is no arabic in SDK
maybe official version will support ?
and thank you very much for your interesting for our languge

This is AWESOME!!!!! Finally, the #1 request on Google's wish list was granted... so long my iPhone, now only if the Nexus S didn't cheap out on the SD Slot, or at least came with 32GB I would have pre-ordered ASAP.. waiting for the next available Gingerbread ready to Jail Break my cell lifestyle :)...

Thanks again Google..

Thank you GOOGLE THANK YOU Android

Finally , Arabic language

that's GREAT ^_^

really I've waited for this release in Arabic for a long time

Thank you GOOLE for your interest in Arabic language

I'M SO happy now for Arabic language IN Android

We hope see also there • Arabic, Saudi (ar_SA) And support KeyBoard Arabic lettering full same N8 ARABIC KEYBOARD