Gingerbread for the Samsung Galaxy S

Getting word out of Europe this morning that Gingerbead is starting to push out for the original Samsung Galaxy S. That's right in line with what Samsung Finland had said, as well as the Three network. So if you've got the ol' GT-19000 and have a hankering for some Android 2.3.3, fire up Kies and get to flashin'.

We've got another pic after the break of the post-update about screen. Thanks, Morten and Zackarias!

Galaxy S Gingerbread


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Gingerbread for the Galaxy S reportedly rolling out in Europe


Samsung has to code the phones first.

It took them a very long time to code the US phones. (they even tweeted that they were still working on the froyo coding after 6 months)

Perhaps they were working on developing the new phones at the time so they didn't have the resources.

Sigh?? What other phones have a true working gingerbread os besides the nexus line? #neveragain.....FAIL. Samsung FTW.

And I'm sick of the carrier blame (although, it's not all unwarranted):

Carriers suck but there are phones from HTC that get updated on time. Why is that? Do the carriers just want to sell more HTC phones?

I have yet to hear a reasonable argument for why ALL the US carriers would want to hold the update. WHY?! Do you think they like getting complaints about the lack of updates?

Samsung has the resources but how they choose to use those resources is up to them.

Just explain to me how HTC does it when they also have to code in a different top layer UI and also have to deal with carriers.

The Fascinate is the only high end android phone that has Bing search integrated with the soft search key. There is no option of putting in Google search without root. That could be one of the many many things messed up by verizon's crapware.

There is no denying that these unique specifics are playing a role in these delays.

However, the point is: Samsung could've done more. Pure and simple.

They could've said NO to the carrier demands; they could've put more developers on the US update. Instead, they decided to comply with the bad guys.

It's like letting someone off the hook because someone else told them to do it. Samsung makes loads of money off these carrier phones so you would they think should take a little responsibility.

If you prefer faulty GPS chips, slow memory chips, and cheap plastics. Just saying... their hardware isn't all amazing.

Why don't you explain which mythical HTC phone (that didn't launch with Gingerbread) has been officially updated by HTC and the carriers to Gingerbread?
Samsung has now updated the Galaxy S (i9000s) to both Froyo and Gingerbread in reasonable amounts of time relative to the availability of both. Especially if you compare them to the other manufacturers. The U.S. models have lagged behind. Why? What is the main difference between the i9000 and the others? Carrier requirements for both hardware and software. I expect you canfigure it out, but from the above post, you'll probably still not get it.

They have updated ONE Galaxy S line. ONE. That is NOT US based. (BTW, they only just released 2.3 for non-US Galaxy S which is hardly comparable to the MONTHS of wait for US owners compared to HTC US owners) How many timely Froyo updates did HTC make for US phones? PLENTY. Name me a reasonably timed US Froyo update from Samsung. Mind you, Samsung had a reputation of slow updates BEFORE the Galaxy S.

Who AGREED to make different phones in the first place?

You people need to wake up: these are multi-billion dollar companies that you are coddling. Samsung is the victim here? LOL. How much money do you think they made from making it carrier-wide?

It's the same when I see people defend Apple like if they're getting paid by Apple.

Why can't you see that they don't care about updates because most US costumers don't know a thing about Android? They put their resources into new phones because that's what SELLS. Maybe they get a lot more complaints from other countries? Do you think it was just pure coincidence that Samsung released the Vibrant update just when there were rumors of Samsung purposely holding back the update? BTW, you haven't explained any of these points.

"I expect you canfigure it out, but from the above post, you'll probably still not get it."


I appreciate how you've addressed the salient points of my post. Except you haven't. You asked for someone to explain how HTC does it. They haven't. There aren't any HTC phones that have been updated to Gingerbread worldwide besides the Nexus One.
I also didn't say anything about any belief that Samsung CARES about anything. I personally don't care either. I just think it's ignorance or intentional hypocrisy to try and say that HTC has done something they haven't.
I didn't make any mention of the tendency of HTC to have more expeditious updates to the predominance of their models than Samsung, because I don't disagree with that point.

I don't need to address any of your other B.S. speculation as to reasons either manufacturer does what they do, because that's all that is. Who knows why they udate when they do. I'm talking about facts, and the fact is, Samsung is the first and only manufacturer to provide an official Gingerbread update besides the Nexus.

The Nexus S is a stock phone. Nexus One is a stock phone.

"I didn't make any mention of the tendency of HTC to have more expeditious updates to the predominance of their models than Samsung, because I don't disagree with that point."

Which would've been fine if we were talking about the Nexus S: this is about the Galaxy S and what Samsung SHOULD have done regarding the 2.2 updates for that phone.

My whole argument was about the timing of the US Froyo updates compared to US industry standards. Why did it take Samsung 6+ months after HTC to update their respective US phones?

I am using US HTC phones as comparables because they also have to deal with these same carriers. (ie The Incredible had a Froyo update in 2010 -- NOT 2011) You can't compare that to worldwide phones because they don't have the same demanding requirements.

This whole argument deals with US carriers -- NOT international carriers.

"the fact is, Samsung is the first and only manufacturer to provide an official Gingerbread update besides the Nexus"

So one update supersedes HTC history of getting more timely updates to more phones? Plus, it's about releasing an update within industry standards: HTC can still release their updates 1-2 months from now. I am pretty damn sure they won't take the 6+ months that Samsung took with US Galaxy S phones.

This is not about good and bad; there is no pure dichotomy that exists. The fact is: Samsung knew it would be a pain to update these different variations yet they still capitulated to carrier demands. They made money by dealing with the devil.

I don't understand why you're still arguing about the prior updates when my reply (which you've quoted) already states that I AGREE WITH YOU THAT HTC DID A BETTER JOB IN THAT RESPECT.
You go on to talk about the Froyo update and compare it to HTC. This is where I've already stated my belief that the blame is predominately the carriers. Whatever the process between Samsung and the carriers is, it's broken. When the software update is kept purely a Samsung process, as it has been with the i9000, there have been no major problems. When you introduce the carriers, there are problems and updates either don't come (Vibrant to date) or are late and buggy (Epic, etc..) with multiple updates. The issues are probably myriad, but to say the carriers don't hold the overwhelming majority of blame is just folly.

How can you say it's not about good and bad and then complain about Samsung making money by dealing with the devil? You're obviously upset that Samsung did what they did for business, whereas I could care less. Yeah, that's what companies do. HTC does it by using inferior hardware to save on manufacturing. I just don't blame the manufacturer when the fault is in the carriers. This isn't an HTC vs. Samsung thing for me. My prior 3 phones were HTC phones. I don't have any manufacturer loyalties.

The root of the problem is the process.

However, the carriers are doing it to differentiate their phones which again, is because they want to maximize their returns. The carriers aren't demanding this just for the heck of it.

If the carriers are doing it for business then why should they be blamed more so than Samsung?

What the Fu*k. They're getting Gingerbread while I'm using the same GS Fascinate verson Fred Flinstone used. Whomever is to blame, VZW or Samsung, I once again politely ask you to get your $hit together and give us our OTA update.

I feel for you... As a Vibrant user, the wait was unbearable. Froyo is definitely an upgrade and it fixes so many problems.

I can't believe your phone hasn't been updated yet -- damn shame.

Yes. Goto XDA and do some reading. There is much information regarding Gingerbread updates this one especially. I am going to hold out for final custom roms that come after the source is released. Samsung is pretty good at getting them out quickly so it shouldn't be long. Expect stable custom roms before the end of the weekend or, READ UP, I can't stress that point nearly enough, and Flash the stock rom with care.

The problem was that the carriers had to have their own custom versions. And yes that does become a logistical nightmare for samsung... So yes the carriers are to blame... If they had all taken the original design we would all probably have gingerbread by now.. Because all the time invested in updating and testing each little iteration could have been focused on the one...

And who AGREED to make different phones?

6+ months? The phones don't deviate THAT much. Are you saying they are incompetent or are you saying that they would rather spend their resources on developing new phones which SELL more than updates? Either way, Samsung has fault.

Once you AGREE to make the different phones you have the responsibility AS WELL AS PROFITS. They promised a 2.2 update for all Galaxy S phones. It shouldn't take eons to deliver.

Also, Samsung had a rep of slow updates WAY BEFORE Galaxy S. What's the reasoning behind that?

You people make it sound like Samsung -- who makes BILLIONS a year-- is a victim.

and the HTC fanboi of the year award goes too................
Also its not just one line of Galaxy S phones that got the froyo update in a timely matter. The Telus Fascinate got it within months of release and same with the Samsung Mesmerize, or how about the canadian galaxy S phones all got their updates way before all the US carriers? The difference is that there are little to no bloatware added on these phones. Verizon is the worst offender of them all.

lol... u guys still arguing about this? let's call it truce and say both are to blame for the delay in updates....DONE.

It really don't matter to me because I'm rooted and running super clean 2.9.2 froyo rom. This phone is so easy to root and there are so many ways to run froyo that you can just basically give you big middle finger to Verizon and just run a better version of Froyo than what Verizon can offer anyways.

I'll tell you what the main problem here is. The number of android users who actually know about OS updates, and is very very small. Samsung and the carriers know this very well. They don't mind a very small group of people bitching on message boards and forums. The majority of their users don't have the slightest clue what froyo or gingerbread is.

Listening to the Podcast and reading the articles keep me informed. I just purchased my first Android phone last year, and this website has helped me confirm I made the right decision.


Samsung isn't trying to cure cancer like many of you seem to believe. They are a company looking to take your cash -- stop defending them.

Samsung and the carriers need to take the blame because they both agreed to make the phone. Why is different hardware an excuse?

Samsung CHOSE to make different hardware in order to make PROFITS from the carriers.

There are people here who act like Samsung is losing a fortune from supporting these phones. If it's too hard for them to do, then they put it on the back burner because updates don't sell as much as new phones.

Samsung could've done more: they could've fought the carriers and said they would only make 1 phone OR they could've put more developers on the US update. They chose neither.

Since you believe that Samsung is in the business of only making money, then why would they fight the carriers and not give them the phone the phone they wanted. The thing you don't seem to understand is how much power the carriers have over the manufacturers. If a manufacturer doesn't make whatever phone they want in whatever configuration they want then they just won't sell it and get another phone from someone else who will take their money. Also when Samsung makes a phone like the US GS line they send out the update to all of the carriers so that they can then put whatever bloatware they want on it. The CARRIERS have had FroYo since October and it is the CARRIERS that took all that time to get their bloatware working on their respective models. This is proven true by the fact that all of the US GS models got FroYo up and running at different times from each other. Hell, the fascinate doesn't have it official FroYo up yet. Don't blame Samsung when they gave all the carriers FroYo in a timely fashion. And to you point on the US versions not being that different from the international one. A quick peak at what the devs on XDA have said will your prove your point null and void. The US versions are so different that a custom port job couldn't even be done with the international's version of FroYo and now GB. You can see the opposite version of this in how fast the XDA devs where able to port the Sensation's version of Sense to the desire HD.

There is already an unofficial version of CM7 for GT-I9000 and Captivate models. As soon as Samsung releases the source code for 2.3 then a stable version should follow shortly. For things like drivers and kernels the source is quite important. They have already done lots of amazing work with just the NS source.

Guys, its not entirely samsungs fault. Think about it. Nexus is usually the first one to get the updates. Then HTC and Motorola, then the Galaxy S line. Galaxy S and Nexus both being Samsung, why is nexus always first and Galaxy S always last? Thats the question that needs to be answered.

I still pissed at Verizon for making MY sdcard so it will not work on my Mac and Samsung or Verizon do not have a fix for it. But, ahhhh, thanks to the forum, they did. It's called debloated superclean 2.9.2.

US carriers are incompetent and pure evil. They gouge their customers and collude on pricing. They load up their phones with crapware.