Gingerbread on the Droid IncredibleGingerbread on the Droid Incredible? Don't sound so surprised. Now that the source code has been made publicly available, everyone and their mother (hi, Mom!) is compiling a beta build for their favorite device.

For the most part, though, remember that these builds aren't really ready to be your daily driver -- though they're definitely getting better day by day.

That brings us back to the DInc, and this ROM from r2DoesInc. You'll get the basic Gingerbread experience, with a few tweaks. The camera's working, though GPS and video recording aren't. Be sure to check out the full changelog and instructions at the source link for the full rundown. It's a hodgepodge, to be sure, but an impressive one.

Video's after the break as well. [XDA-Developers]

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Gingerbread is on the Droid Incredible? But of course!


already got it - GPS should be fixed soon enough and hopefully that will fix the apps that won't install (twitter, foursquare, etc which all seem to be location based)

runs fast on my Inc - I love it!

Either the camera recording this has a slow framerate, or this particular build is munching up a ton of memory. PASS.

About an hour after incdoes got it so did bnice20 on the evo. Got it running gingerbread now, gps, front camera, and a few other small things arent working yet, but nothing i couldnt live without. Even has working mms.

This shouldn't be big news for the Inc owners in our forums since I posted this Rom in the Hacks forum a week ago right? Right?!

This rom rocks. So fast and so smooth and. its early in development. Posting 41 linpack and 1500 quadrant without any over clocking. Nice start.

Flashed it to my disconnected Incredible and was able to call via wifi with sipgate. Pretty sweet. Now I can make calls when flying.

I am just saying... this isn't from the Nexus S. It worked great on the Galaxy S, it was the EXACT same stock from the Nexus S, so it had the 3d app drawer and it was snappy!

This thing:
No 3d app drawer(seems to be the Gingerbread launcher from the market)
Heavily modified(widgets modded, etc.)

I would just wait for an official OTA, not like you would ever even imagine using this as your daily driver anyway.