Galaxy S Gingerbread leak

Gingerbread (the Android 2.3.2 version) has been leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.  Users at XDA Developers are saying that it includes Touchwiz 4, and download mode is still available.  It also looks like Samsung is now using the ext4 file system, which should bring performance boosts much like the ones on the Nexus S.

Remember, this is a beta build -- at best.  I wouldn't recommend anyone run and flash it, but in the hands of developers it's like 24 karat gold -- possibly leading to things like CyanogenMod 7 for Samsung Galaxy S phones.  What this means for US customers who are tied to a carrier for upgrades is unknown, but at least Samsung has Gingerbread in the works.  Check the source link for download locations.  [XDA-Developers] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Update: Supercurio, of Voodoo fame, has had a look and verifies that this does not enable the ext4 file system.  His word is good as gold when it comes to the Galaxy S -- blame excited users and bloggers for the mix-up.


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Gingerbread (Android 2.3.2) leaked for the Galaxy S i9000


I wonder if this means we'll get it on the Epic4g. Given the track record of Samsung and the galaxy S in the states, perhaps not.

Would love to get this on my Captivate. @Nick - Samsung probably won't get it to us soon, but the awesome XDA devs will be all over it!

And people were saying Samsung was horrible with their updates. If it's already leaking, then there's a pretty good chance that a Galaxy S device will be one of the first non-Nexus devices to get Gingerbread.

Actually, these are the international Galaxy S phones. They've had froyo for a long time now.

It is the US carrier phones that have been lacking the updates. Basically, most Galaxy S phones outside the US had froyo for months. Unfortunately, the US is a major market so they still deserve the bad rep for taking so long.

Now, if they get Gingerbread on my Vibrant before those HTC phones then I'd probably forgive Samsung. However, I doubt it. The international Galaxy S phones will probably get the updates followed by the US phones after half a year. (like what happened with Froyo)

To me the issue is with US carriers and their bloatware that they insist have to be added to the Galaxy S devices. Put it this way, I am with Telus (Canada) and my fascinate has no Telus apps at all. No telus navigation app, no telus web, no telus music store etc...

every time i hear people talk and say things like you are saying it just makes me so upset, if anything this should be a good indication that is not Samsung with the update issues that is the carriers, so stop being such an ass and think for once before you start with the troll.

Okay, and I get upset when people start name calling because they aren't bright enough to have a mature conversation.

LISTEN SAMSUNG DEFENDERS (I don't even know why Samsung --a multi-billion dollar corporation-- needs defenders): THINK. Use LOGIC: None of the major US carriers had Froyo. So you're telling me, these competitive companies were holding back updates because they just felt like it?!

Even Samsung in December of 2010 tweeted that they were still working out bugs on the US Froyo builds. DECEMBER. Almost half a year and they were still working on bugs. That is not acceptable for a company with as much resources as Samsung.

So instead of getting all high and mighty, can you use your god damned brain? Do you think carriers LIKE getting emails about updates?! Give me ONE GOOD REASON why the carriers would all hold back their updates for so long. That is the bullshit I hate with you Samsung defenders -- you people NEVER GIVE REASONS. I can name a list of reasons on why Samsung held back -- like maybe they wanted to sell more of their "updated 4G" Vibrants or wanted to use the developer resources on their new phones.

Sorry for the rant everyone but I do hate ignorance.

Samsung had Froyo on the Euro version 3 months ago. What's the difference? Carriers.

One good reason? Carrier bloat. And "testing".

To be honest, carriers have no real incentive to develop or push updates out the door quickly... Most customers (i.e. people that don't read AC) don't care what version of the OS they're running, and even if they're made aware of it the carrier and manufacturer have already made their money off that customer... Sure, eventually the free market might speak and carriers or manufacturers that screw around too long w/updates might suffer, but right now the reality is they can just get away with it. Your duty as a responsible geek is to educate those around ya. ;)

I doubt it's the US carrier's fault. The Galaxy S is on at least 6 carriers in the US, and none of their phones got Froyo. Then 3 of those carriers happened to release them around the same time (Jan/Feb). I think Samsung just released those updates to carriers not too long ago.

I'm not so sure. The 3 carriers you mention had froyo builds leaked for months. It probably had to pass through the carriers testing/bloatware implementation then sent back to Samsung. Then sent back to the carrier and if there are problems they send it back and forth. Canadian Galaxy S got froyo even before US because their carriers don't put their junk on the phones.

Not so sure about the leaked builds. A lot of those leaked builds, if I remember correctly, were from outside US carriers. (like Canada)

And remember, they were highly unstable (that's why they kept pulling builds down). It is Samsung's job to code the phones.

Also, Samsung tweeted that they were still working on US Froyo builds in December-January. How can you go half a year and still be working out bugs when international Galaxy S phones already had Froyo?

I seriously doubt it was because of the bloatware. Yes, Samsung needs to recode every carrier's different phone but it was Samsung who installed the bloatware. (the carriers tell Samsung which bloatware they want) You're telling me their developers were that incompetent that they couldn't get passed a couple of applications that they installed themselves? I don't like Samsung but I don't think they're stupid.

More likey: They wanted to wait so that they could sell more of their "updated 4G phones" or used their developer resources on their new projects.

Isn't it fishy that they started rolling out the updates once rumor got out that Samsung intentionally held the updates to sell the 4g Vibrants? Heck, I'm sure they contemplated that but it pretty much became a non factor once the rumors hit. Samsung had to stop the bleeding so low and behold, tmo Vibrant users got the update the next day.

Someone had to be pulling the strings: it just seems very unlikely that these competitive US carriers would collude and hold back the updates. (Again, with no incentive to do so) Samsung is the only connection here.

A) Samsung IS horrible with updates. My EVO (and most other HTC/Moto phones) got Froyo around August of last year. Samsung phones in the states are just now receiving Froyo, and Europe only got it a month or two ago so it's not entirely the US carriers' fault.

B) It'd be pretty humiliating if Samsung couldn't at 'least claim some redemption w/the Galaxy S and Gingerbread since the Nexus S basically uses the exact same hardware (for the most part), so Google already did most of the work for them... Porting it to the Galaxy S phones should be easier than other phones w/other non-Samsung SoCs.

Samsung can't use that excuse in reverse because Moto was using TI SoCs when Froyo debuted on the Nexus One (& a Snapdragon SoC), yet still ported it relatively quickly to their devices.

When it comes to updates, HTC/Moto (heck even LG) >>> Samsung/Sony Ericson until proven otherwise imo.

This suck because I was planning to flash a custom rom tonight. I guess I just better wait for this build to come out. lol!

That's actually more of a reason to flash. You will be ready when this comes out and not have to wait for Sprint to push the update to you. This is at least a few months away there is never a better time to flash a custom rom especially if you wanna take full advantage of this build when it comes state side.

gonna laugh so hard if samsung is first to push out GB to its devices. They might finally be able to keep some customers

I'll bet you ten bucks they get them out surprisingly quick. Maybe not first, but quickly after that. Samsung knows they pissed people off, and I think they're going to try to fix it like Sony Erickson is.

They said it would never happen!!! I bet they are eating those words now... Has anyone other phone got a leaked version of 2.3 besides the Galaxys S and Nexus line? Looks like Samsung is making big moves

I'm sure Samsung would love to push Gingerbread out to all the Galaxy S phones, or anything else they got out there right now, but nothing will happen until the carries sign off on the release. Believe me, pushing Gingerbread out would silence all the complaining that has been going on about Samsung and updates but something tells me the carriers won't allow it to happen, at least anytime soon.

You are correct sir...US carriers delayed the push and Samsung had to allow them to put bloatware on it. I'm in the process of learning to backup and root my Captive now...

Actually, the carriers tell Samsung what to put in their phones.

Are the carriers to blame? Sure, they definitely had a part in it. But, you're telling me that Samsung developers couldn't get past the 5 or 6 bloatware applications that they worked on before in 2.1?

It seems more likely to me that Samsung put their resources on new projects and therefore didn't have enough guys working on the Froyo builds for a timely release.

Which makes more money? New phone sales or already sold phones? They probably thought the majority of US galaxy S owners wouldn't even notice. (And they're right)

So if Samsung switched from RFS to ext4, what does that do for the OTA upgrade process (if the carriers actually release/push it)?

Either way, I think I'll be flashing this when it's cooked up before Sprint actually pushes it out anyway!

The international users have had froyo for months now and looking forward to gingerbread. My q is how can one appreciate gingerbread while still on eclair, like most US android owners.

Look at the time line.
Froyo was announced sometime in spring of 2010.
SGS I9000 got it in October 2010 and US around February 2011. I would say just change the years out and the I900 will get it in the fall and us US users will get it next year.

So if we're able to put gingerbread on our phones, will I have to take my stock phone from Eclair to Froyo and then to GB? Or can I take it straight from stock to GB?