To help promote their upcoming "Android Week", Dutch retailer The Phone House has destroyed a perfectly good car to let people know that the Android invasion of Amsterdam can not be stopped. Their promo appears to be in response to a recent survey conducted by the retailer that showed 34 percent of Dutch smartphone users were on Android, making it the most popular smartphone platform in the country. The iPhone took second a 21 percent and Windows Mobile was a surprising third at 17 percent. [Android Planet (in Dutch)] Thanks to mlopez for the tip!

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enzofall says:

Do we have root for it yet?

hybrid85 says:

Listen, I like Android as much as the next guy, but why would you do this to such a nice car?

rlbrooks says:

Lloyd! You need to get your fat butt on a treadmill. You are representing a brand buddy. At least stick some fingers down your throat every once in a while. Geeze!

Toxikhiro says:

I was kind of hoping the android's head would suddenly turn, looking directly at the chubby danish guy, and VOIP him with lasers. Then, I realized, it was an event, not a commercial.

Sound off if you want Android commercials featuring Lloyd spreading chaos and destruction in densely populated urban centers.

I know *I* do.

dcreed says:

Lloyd was, fortunately, saved from the pedophile ring being run out of Amsterdam....

FatMikeNJ says:

I thought the Android's official name was Andy the Android..... named after Andy Rubin...

inuchan says:

Its cool how Android could do these things.. would not be as funny if a big apple was sitting in that car.

Well they could do it I suppose if they had a gigantic tree (redwood?)
But android is cooler

jlye834 says:

If that's Amsterdam, that's a different kind of "smoke" coming out of that car =). J/k, it's a beautiful city and they obviously know whatsup if the most popular platform is Android =)

jimmycarter says:

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shimp says:

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peter jonesp says:

Mobile retailer The Phone House had an interesting marketing stunt in Amsterdam to mark the launch of an Android special going on this week. There’s probably some reason that this particular Android needed to crush this car, but it’s feeling just a little lost in translation.

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imdianazweig says:

Impressive! I had a blast for that one.