Google is getting in the Halloween spirit, and they've got a page full of games with special Halloween promotions to celebrate. Titled "Spooky Savings", here's a list of what's available:

It may not be the candy bar you want right now, but these games should help pass the time. Give 'em a try!

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Get your gaming fix during Google Play's Spooky Savings sale


So of all those, only "The Walking Dead: Assault" is a full/complete game without some type of in-app purchasing. Yeesh.

EDIT: Oops, only if you read some reviews do you realize they push in-app purchase crap too.

Man, being a developer is a thankless job. People complain if you want to charge a decent price for your game ($5), people complain if you have ads in your game, and people complain about in app purchases. How exactly do people want developers to monetize their apps? I've got news, a lot of these good games and apps wouldn't be profitable enough to be worth the effort if they only sold for 99¢ or relied on a small, unobtrusive banner ad for revenue. If you want quality games and apps, there is a price that comes with it.

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I paid $6.99 for TWD:A. Should I be subject to in-app purchase spam, too?

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I don't mind a price coming with it- but it has to be a defined price. Not some sleazy, unknown, changing, never-ending, semi-surprise type price. And we should know up front that it is not a full game.

The best model yet has been having a demo version, a full-price complete version, and an ad-supported version (or some combination of those). What I have seen with in-app purchases is mostly just slimy.

android games are terrible due to everyone trying to build them around the free to play model.buying coins to speed things up is not fun in any form.

That is not just android. All platforms are plagued by this. And it is the consumers fault, they wouldn't make them based on the free to play model if it didn't work.


I am so tired of these games with in-app purchases. What the hell happened to buying a game, then playing the hell out of it? And it's thanks to the people that buy this crap that this model has taken off. It's also why I only have three games on my One. They don't need in-app garbage. They offer, but absolutely not necessary to play at all.

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I am in the same boat. Have a few more than 3 but If i get to a point on any game that i have to pay to move one thats about the time i uninstall. Would definitely pay $5 - $10 for a GREAT game with no IAP's or ads. But they better have a demo version too.

I wonder how much of the IAP thing is due to piracy? I would think that the IAP model was designed to directly deal with the issue. I agree that some games take IAPs too far, but I have no problem with Devs trying to get paid while trying to protect their IPs from getting stolen. Maybe there's a better way, but at least with IAPs you can choose what you pay for.