Motorola Xoom LTE fix

We've known since its unveiling in January that you're going to have to take the Motorola Xoom somewhere to be upgraded to LTE date. The question was where, and how. The answer(s)? Back to Motorola, via FedEx.

Verizon's posted up instructions on everything you should do before shipping your new Honeycomb tablet back to the mother ship for some LTE re-education, and it all it takes is three simple steps (one of them is optional) -- in a dozen or so parts.

The first step is backing up your user data and saving it locally onto a computer -- something that's a bit foreign in this day an age, but something we'd still recommend doing. (We're anal like that.)

The second (and optional, but very cool) step is to encrypt and hard-reset your Xoom. You've gotta have a full battery to do it. And if you leave it encrypted, you'll have to enter a password each time you log on. Or you can unencrypt, which also involves a hard-reset, but you'll restore all your date in the process. Time-consuming, but safe and cool.

The third step is to actually ship the device to Motorola via FedEx. You'll be provided a bubble pack -- wonder how long it'll take to get to you -- and then ship it off. And a week or so later, you'll get it back, LTE-enabled.

Sounds like a good time. [Verizon via Android Central Forums]

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tim242 says:

Sounds like BS.

FatMikeNJ says:

Lol.... MOTO has to be saving money going this route.... some how..

shoman24v says:

dumb, wait 1 month and this won't be an issue.

Malfoy says:

except I think they said the option won't be available for like 3 months.

So wait 3 months, then this won't be an issue. =\

strikethree says:

Is this some sort of joke...

I didn't realize that you had to return the thing just to get LTE enabled. (I thought an OTA update would've been enough)

With the bugs, lack of flash, micro sd problems, and these ridiculous steps, what was the god damn point in releasing the Xoom this early?

I suppose there is some value in being the first Honeycomb tablet out there but the Xoom is becoming more and more like a farce.

babybear293 says:


shoman24v says:

Ok wait three months, whatever.

robertw0925 says:

Nook FTW

I have been itching to get one like you have no idea! To the point that I’ve told my girlfriend "if you really love me you’ll get it for me"(she still hasnt) lol sounds bad but i don’t want to have buyer's remorse later on. This to me seems just like what vzw does with our cell phones, send a bad one in and get a "certified like new" one back. I read someone else had said that the plans to replace the radio seems easy and leaves space for later upgrades. Could there be more then 4g? If i wait and buy the wifi only will i not be able to get any other upgrades? Is there anything else that might be able to be squeezed in??

tompro53 says:

Can anyone help me I've been having a problem on my Evo 4G I can't update or download any apps it keeps giving me Unknown Reason -18, its really ticking me off.

El Jefe says:

Go to the EVO forums.

@tompro unmount the sd card.

This isn't a big deal. Picking mine up tomorrow. Went in today and looked and it won me over. Must have, for me. It will be interesting to see what parts get worked into 2.4.

Dark_Blu says:


I wish people would stop bitching about having to send it back. These are the same people who would complain that it wasn't out yet.

Here is the deal with Google stuff: You can buy it absolutely bleeding edge. The SDK for the OS that runs on this thing has hardly been out a week. Yes, they are still working in it. Are you paying for cutting edge tech? Yes. Do you have to? no. So don't troll around forums complaining about the cost. if 599/799 is too much for you, maybe you should consider other hobbies or go buy a nook color.

But I'm playing with my Xoom now...and I can tell you it's bad ass. If you want the LTE, you can send it in...of not then don't. I personally will never use it so I have no plans to send it back.

And my guess would be that in a few days XDA devs will have the SD card working. If not, it will come in an OTA fairly soon.

dacp283 says:

Wifi only tethered to my Droid X. When I want LTE well then I'll tether it off the bionic :)

dacp283 says:

when I get one... For those wondering what I meant.

FrogVomit says:

I get that they had to push this out before the ipad2 gets announced. Even though the software and even the hardware wasn't quite ready. Problem is, you can be damned sure the cost of sending it back to Moto, performing the upgrade, and shipping it back to you is rolled into the $799 price, and it's gotta be somewhere in the vicinity of $100.

Dark_Blu says:

Simply wait until LTE is available on shipping units and buy it then? Why bother buying the thing to only have to send it to them to setup a service it should already ship with?

MazoMark says:

Looking at tear down photos from iFixit, swapping out the hardware to enable LTE looks idiotproof. There must be some other reason Motorola is requiring the whole unit to be returned.

Naris says:

Motorola (rightfully?) assumes the average customer is an idiot and doesn't want to deal with angry support calls from people breaking their device? It still would be nice for them to offer the option to just mail out the hardware needed to enable LTE to the people that do have the technology know how, but I understand why they're doing it this way. I just fail to see how it's cost effective for them.

PortareAF says:

Actually it will be totaly free, hence the prepaid envelope

deezus says:

Wow, still going to get a wifi only when its released but this is sad. Send it back? so basically this unit was priced because its the first to 4g yet it doesn't have 4g? it has to be modded? How about lower price and keep your 4g and Ill go buy one now. I am so tired of these companies making android look so rinky dink.

rookie83 says:

was at verizon yesterday and a rep demoing the xoom said we only need to come to store and the sim card woud be changed allowing 4G, didnt sound right to me isnt the 4g done by way of a radio chip and thats not on the sim card.

MazoMark says:

It's not just a sim card. Look at the iFixit teardown photos - the Xoom has a dummy circuit board that has to be replaced with the 4G board to upgrade to 4G. You've got to open up the back to do this.

That said, it still looks drop dead simple to me. Two Torx screws open the back, two Torx screws remove the dummy board, disconnect the antenna, insert the 4G board, reconnect antenna, and replace all the Torx screws. Then you should just have to put the sim card and fire it up.

I guess I can understand that Motorola might not want customers doing this on their own and potentially damage an expensive tablet. Sure does seem like Verizon or Best Buy should be able to handle this though.

Bla1ze says:

I'd trust myself to do it before I'd let anyone else do it for me.


Droidhead54 says:

A $600 boat anchor!