If you're in the market for a new Android phone, Best Buy will be putting the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX on sale for two-days (June 29 and 30) at just $180 with a new agreement. While other phones have come along that may have better specs or fancy new features, the RAZR MAXX has that 3300 mAh battery to keep running long after all other LTE phones have bit the dust. It's an impressive beast, and we still recommend it to folks on Verizon who need a dependable Android phone. 

Thanks, anon!


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About a week too late for this promo.

Or you could always go with Amazon Wireless and get it for $99! http://wireless.amazon.com/Motorola-DROID-RAZR-MAXX-Wireless/dp/B0071G0K...

dacaplan says:

What he said.

chris06ob says:

Can i get ICS for my maxx tho! Slowest rollout ever!

nvmyivy says:

the wait has been outrageous! i seriously wish they hadn't said a single word about it "rolling out" last week or the huge lie that it would be "pushing out...in the coming days." its bad enough that we are supposedly getting this update when ICS is now OLD NEWS!! What a disappointment!!!!

itch808 says:

Forget ICS, JB is the future

Spork1673 says:

still cheaper at walmart lol 89.98 for 2 year contract or upgrade

OrionAntares says:

For the Maxx or for the regular Razr???

bgl321 says:

Are you serious about the $89.98 at wal-mart?

Dissident says:

It is $99 at Amazon and that is not a special, it's there standard price.

I went into Best Buy the other day and they had it for $299, I told them about Amazon's price and they said "Well yea they are always the cheapest". Now I remember why I have not step foot inside Best Buy in the last 4 years.

OrionAntares says:

FYI: That is $99 for a NEW account, not an upgrade.

Dirtman16 says:

Might as well wait a couple of weeks for the GS3 now. Battery life is apparently pretty good on that one, plus you'll have the S4 processor.

joebob2000 says:

Is this the first of what is sure to be many "teaser" events to convince customers to upgrade out of their unlimited plan? Wonder if Verizon is incentivizing this at all.

nvmyivy says:

you can say that again!!!

steven252000 says:

Since like others have pointed out if you get this deal you will be moved to the new Verizon Share plan I am sure people are waiting in line for this.....Really Best Buy? Why did you not do this on say....June 26 and 27?

OrionAntares says:

We ordered two of these on the 27th expecting them to run a "4th of July" sale. We're price matching.

3rdpig says:

Well, now we know why the SGSIII is delayed. VZ wanted one more chance to push the Maxx. Yea, my tinfoil hat is a little tight today, but this IS Verizon we're talking about.