Droid 2 eye live wallpaper

OK, so it's a little wrong to put the Droid 2 eye live wallpaper on a Nexus One. But it's also very, very right. It's a simple install, and you don't have to be rooted to do it. You just need a phone that can handle live wallpapers. Hit up the source link for the download info. [XDA Developers]

Update: If you're getting a parsing error, try getting the apk onto your phone through a different method. (I used Dropbox, or you can try the Sideload Wonder Machine)


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Get the Droid 2 eye live wallpaper now


Got a parsing error trying to extract and install. Droid X. Deleted and tried to re-download but reached my limit of 1.

Thanks anyway.

I downloaded link onto my PC and used Awesome Drop to transfer from PC to my EVO. Then installed apk directly from Awesome Drop app. Works perfectly for me.

Parsing Error on my Nexus One as well.....weird! downloading thru the phone that is.....did not try downloading on my pc and moving the file to my sd card

Ahhh yes, the elusive must download on the computer, transfer to Droid X, enable App installs of apps not sourced from the market, install, Menu->Settings->Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper->Droid 2.

Little bit of additional information required.

It is Pure Calendar Widget (the agenda one not the grid one). It allows you to place various size widgets and skin them and as in this case make them transparent (or any degree of transparency you choose). You can also use a scrolling version of it (with Launcher Pro and ADW). Takes some configuration but worth the effort.

download to computer and then email it to yourself. As soon as you open it, it will install. I tried first through the x and got the parsing error. Now its good to go.

I got the same parsing error on my evo. Rapidshare sucks, they should have uploaded this via a real torrent hosting site i.e. kickasstorrents or piratebay.

Maxed out on the Rapidshare download page via PC. Can someone else mirror or email it to me please? joeyisaacs (@) gmail (dot) com.

Shows 1300kb size on RS. But only DL's 47k on Moto Droid. Did I mention I hate Rapidshare? ;)

Thanks in advance.

Would you please email the .apk to me? I have the Motorola Droid.
My email address is jasoncholm at gmail dot com

downloaded on Droid Incredible, Parsing Error. Then downloaded it to PC and installed via HTC Sync. Works great :D great find

Yoonly get parsing error through gmail. The htc email on the EVO works pefectly. Also works perfectly through Dropbox. You can only have one at a time. If you try to download a different color eye, it will over-write the other.

Works well on Desire. For anyone having difficulty, a couple of people on the XDA site have posted the apk in the comments (think you need to join XDA forum to get them).

tried it on my rooted eris..installed ok, but I guess the resolution is too high, crashed my phone. Blasted small screen. Anyone know of a way to resize it for 320x320 resolution? looked cool anyways

Works great on my samsung moment (running Noobnl's radioactive froyo unstable rom, which I have found to be rather stable.) RIP Samsung Moment, your super-sayan baby, the Epic 4g will carry on your legacy!

Nice indeed.

I hope to see some similar wallpapers for the other Droid phones as they are all officially upgraded to Froyo.

Why can't someone just put this in the market for a free download? That would be much easier. I don't like to do this the round-about way.

Works on the Samsung Vibrant! Looks very cool!.
Saved the D2.apk to my PC. Transfered the D2.apk to my SD card via the USB. Used the file app on the Vibrant to open the apk and installed it from there.

Thanks for the find.