Lumia 1520

Nokia debuts a 6-inch Windows Phone with 20MP camera, along with its first Windows RT tablet

This morning at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Finnish manufacturer has taken the wraps off some of its biggest Windows and Windows Phone devices yet. At the high end there's the Lumia 1520, a 6-inch Windows Phone 8 device with a 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 CPU and a 20-megapixel PureView camera. There's also the mid-range Lumia 1320, which aims to provide a big-screen experience at a more affordable $350 price point. And finally Nokia's Lumia 2520 is the company's first Windows RT tablet, with a 10.1-inch 1080p display inside a thin, colorful chassis.

The Windows Phone Central team are live on the ground in Abu Dhabi, and they've got extensive hands-on coverage of all Nokia's new toys. So hit up the links below to learn more about all the latest devices. And we're far from done with major mobile tech announcements for the day — multi-platform readers will want to check our sibling site iMore later today for full coverage of Apple's iPad announcements from San Francisco. 

Read now: Nokia Lumia 1520 hands-on; Lumia 2520 hands-on

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Smart Android fans know that strong competition makes Android better. Best of luck, WP.

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Microsoft, the company that vowed to "f--king kill Google", doesn't offer competition. They're a filthy and corrupt organization that aims for total market dominance attained through extortion and bribery, not superior technology or ideas. It would be an incalculable mistake to allow them to gain a foothold in mobile. We need HEALTHY competition--operative word being "HEALTHY".

Rampant fanboy bias. If I said good luck apple or rim you'd have trotted out a similar kill-em-all response. Every company, but including Google, is out to make more money than its competitors. And so are you, unless you're an unemployment hippy living in the park.

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"HEALTHY competition" means more competitors... DUH!
I think the more competitors, the more they try to one-up the other... Which means innovation!

I love W7. If there's one thing you can count on MS to do though, it's to eff up the next iteration of their OS after they've had a successful one.

Windows 8.1 is really nice. Improved performance over W7 and W8 and you can operate it entirely like you would W7, if you want to.

You forgot to mention all that "corruption" was going to one of the largest employers in North America paying well above the National average wage. I suppose those billions donated to charity is also corruption. I guess you forgot that it's folks like you and I, and even some people of the Mobile Nations communiites that actually work for these companies. Some how people forget that and for some reason think they're all evil... So I suppose your fellow citizens are evil. Sucks to be you, bud. You're the evil one. Troll somewhere else.

Nokia devices tend to look well made and different, in a good way. Today's tablet announcement is along these lines, hope they do well.

Posted via Android Central App on a Nexus 4

No they don't. I have used a couple of lumias before switching to nexus 4, they are some of the best looking devices out there.

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I don't ned to own one to know it looks like a toy. I make a point of messing around with every new phone on the market for at least a few minutes at the local BestBuy or carriers. The Nokia Windows phones look and feel like toys I would buy for my little nieces. They're cute and colorful and kind of twee... just like a kid's toy.

Like I said...

After owning a 920 for a year and coming from Android for 3 years, there's nothing "toy" about it.

Sure there is, the way it looks, which is exactly what I said. You do know that form and function aren't the same, right?

move on, you have given your opinion, now its time to move on. you obviously dont like WP, good for you. other people might. me personally i tried the lumia 928, great camera, great phone, a very good experience, but at the end of the day i just had to much invested with the Google ecosystem. i will say this when WP and Google play nice with each other i will go back to WP, doubt that will happen

Just please you dont have an N4, because that IS a kids toy, they should give them away in breakfast cereal.

You're entitled to an opinion. So is everyone else. But there's a place and time to have an opinion and typically an opinion should have some sort of support to an idea or question at hand. I don't think this thread is that place or time - it makes little sense and just makes you look like a super duper negative user.

And remember that Nokia has just announced that devices like the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020 will be gaining RAW camera support. RAW is the file format for the raw data from a camera’s sensor. It allows photographers full creative control over their final photograph by using programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.

Oh Christ! Don't tell my wife! That is an awesome feature though. There are many times that we wish we had our expensive camera equipment. We always shoot in RAW. But my wife would need 4TB storage on the phone if she did....

Me too, their hardware design still beats any android phone, including the HTC One IMO.

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Agreed. I don't care for the bright colors of their WP8 line, but if they released otherwise identical phones in black, white or just more subdued primary colors, they'd be the most attractive Android phones available. And their build quality is obviously second to none, including Apple.

You do know Microsoft owns them now right?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I recently just switched from windows phone 8 to android after a year and a half of using Windows phone..I had the lumia 920.. other than the camera everything else sucked!!! Horrible o.s. and no official app support.. The phone was slow, the web browser was awful.. ask the official apps lagged and foreclosed a lot.. I'll never go back to windows phone. Love my new LG g2. WAY BETTER IN SO MANY WAYS!!!!

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How was the transition from WP8 to Android? I have a 920 now and am looking to get the Nexus 5 whenever Google decides to take my money. Any suggestions for the changeover?

Dude,stop. I'm invested in android,but I tried the 920 out when my contract was up. That phone is anything but slow,and it doesn't lag. Not as many Apps as android or ios obviously,but the ones they do have are pretty good.

Why should we care? The market speaks on a daily basis... No one cares. Competition is good, but WP isn't really competition. Every major OEM seems to have dumped WP, with the exception of Nokia, which Microsoft bought to prevent them from dumping WP.

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Yes they did. Of course, at the time the iPhone was available on only one carrier in the US, the market was still very, very young with the vast majority of people not owning smartphones, Android software was much less mature and feature rich, iOS still didn't do cut-and-paste, and a whole host of other differences. Anyone with half a lick of business sense could see the market was ripe for another OS.

Now, the market is much fuller, users are invested in platforms, hardware is available at every possible price point. The two situations are not comparable at all.

Also, where Microsoft requires licensing fees from OEMs, Android was given away completely and totally free to all hardware manufacturers. I love Windows, but Windows Phone is a joke, and charging licensing fees shows that Microsoft just doesn't get it.

Yeah, I don't know but they reached a 10% market share in Europe in three years, and it's still raising when everybody thought that they would stay at 2-4%.

And that's not even including being 2nd in smaller markets and with the help of lower end devices like the 520 and soon to be released 1320 they can get a good foothold and transitional customers coming from feature phones. The market is vast and open and it will be interesting to see what happens in 2014

They reached 10% marketshare in SOME PARTS of Europe. Which is like saying they reached 10% marketshare in a couple of states in the US.

Globally, WP marketshare is at 3.5%.

Globally they ~5 % with highest YoY compared to iOS and Android. They just gained 15% in Thailand. One can not ignore that as slow as is, WP is seeing growth.

"highest YoY"
Oh, that's just funny.
If I grow from 1% to 2%, that's 100% growth. Which sounds really nice to the investors, but growing only 1% is actually pretty terrible. It's hard to have 50% growth in marketsharewhen you're at ~60%

"Globally they ~5 %"
Comscore report for August 2013 puts Microsoft at 3.2%. In August 2012, they were at 3.6%. There was a switch in OS in there and MS dropped into the high 2% range in between, but there is nothing there to be really excited about. And WP is NOT anywhere close to 5%.

Obviously MS will not gain growth from markets that already have invested interest in OS, but the vast global market still are on feature phones that still have chance to get soaked in by WP. Markets like Brazil Mexico India Thailand Russia and other Euro companies are seeing positive growth. I mean I know that's hard for you to fathom but their is a place out there called the world. But hey guess the market is starting to like toys. Instagram Vine and other important apps are coming. But who cares right?

And as far as other OEM, no one dumped WP. Oppo is in the work making a WP, Huawei has one being released and with GDR3 and 8.1 on the way we could see Samsung and HTC making newer devices, HTC already looking a dual boot version from past reports. Lenovo, Acer, and ASUS already making 8.1 inch Windows 8.1 tablets and I can see Lenovo and ASUS looking to make 8.1 WP in 2014. Its coming.

"HTC already looking a dual boot version from past reports."
This is false.
HTC is by most recent reports looking at abandoning Windows Phone. Microsoft has approached them, out of desperation, and offered to drop the licensing fee to get them to make a dual boot phone. There has been no news on HTC's response to this. It's a clever approach by MS, but I doubt HTC will take them up on it.

HTC has their own issues staying afloat with Android, let alone making another dumb move to make an Amazon phone after the FB fiasco phone. Its not MS fault their WP was a failure. But I seriously doubt they approached out the word of desperation. I would agree they want to keep more OEM aboard, and I think alot will change with 8.1 and the use of bigger screen and 1080, but Nokia has done well getting alot of users as well as developers on board. It will be an interesting 2014.

"Its not MS fault their WP was a failure."
Name one non-Nokia Windows phone that could be considered successful. WP devices are always at the bottom of smartphone lists for their manufacturers. Then there's Nokia which was hemorrhaging so much money after going all-in with WP that they were reportedly considering whether to declare bankruptcy or dump WP altogether for Android.

I'd love to see a healthy, viable third option in the smartphone marketplace, but there isn't one yet.

You're right on one thing, it will be an interesting 2014, but not because of anything that Windows Phone does.

I realize the tablet article was a first impressions but hey could have given us some relevant information instead of just (metaphorically) rubbing the thing all over his body.

I don't understand why they put Windows 8.1 RT on the Lumia 2520, as much as I don't understand why the several 8-inch-around-300$ that are going to be released(Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba) will be shipped with full Windows 8.1. Should have been the other way around IMO.

I won't disagree with that. With WP and RT to be merging in 2015 I could see that maybe Nokia wanting to stay on the mobile platform aspect instead of the full version since mobile is what they do best. I'm actually looking into the Lenovo miix2 but I'll reserve judgment on the 2520 when I get to see one. I don't however want a LTE. Wish they'd made a WiFi only.

Ditto. but MS had no choice, sounded like Nokia was going to jump ship to Android and that would have put an end to the WP brand.

Not that keen on WP8 or W8RT, but I love the full fat Pro version. That hardware though.. LOVE Nokia hardware, always have. Sigh... What might have been..

I'll be curious to see how much the 1520 will be on contract with ATT. Mine is up and if its reasonable I wouldn't mind having it to go along with my One.

A 6" nokia smartphone hmm perhaps would be better if it were running stock android, but with microsoft at the helm this will only encourage the excisting nokia owners wanting to give a large phone a try and not attract a new audiance. I have never been a fan of windows in general, ios is miles ahead and linux even further, i do love the open source so android is my platform if choice, this will nit do anything to bolster nokia and to put them in any fruitful position.

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