Samsung Galaxy Tab

A court has partially lifted an injunction against Samsung that was keeping the Korean hardware manufacturer from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most of the Europen Union.

The German court ruled that it's unsure whether it can keep a Korean manufacturer from selling its goods outside of Germany. Import and sell all you want. Samsung Germany, however, is still barred from selling in most of the EU.

Source: WSJ


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German court partially lifts Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction


Stupid... A German court rules on this ludicrous filing in favor of Apple - blocking sales throughout the EU. All over the tech industry, the ruling is called out as absurd. And finally, the court overturns the ruling, allowing sales in Germany, but continuing to screw Samsung across all the rest of the EU. ...Just pain stupid.

I think you might have that a little confused. It is Samsung Germany that is still blocked, but Samsung elsewhere are free to sell.
The German court decided it could not stop a Korean manufacturer from selling outside Germany, so it has lifted the ban....i.e. the German Court can only stop it selling inside Germany.

Yes, you are correct. I've read elsewhere, where it was laid out a bit more clearly, that the ban now only applies to Germany.

I still say that the whole thing is stupid, however.

Is this a little off maybe? The ban is lifted in the EU but still in effect in Germany I thought I read elsewhere.

Patently ridiculous on Germany's part and demonstrates that Germany is losing its sensibilities (or never had them to begin with). Either that or Apple gave someone in the German courts a huge payola day. Cannot wait to see the Samsung suit brought about against Apple for loss of revenue for Apple's fictitious and disingenuous suit.

One thing in Samsung's favor over this back and forth about patents and intellectual property is that the Tab is receiving a ton of free publicity!

People here at work who had never heard of the Tab, are now asking questions about the device, and are somewhat surprised to learn there is a legitimate alternative to an iPad.

Another thing that's happening, in my opinion, is that human nature is slowly coming into play in all of this. What I mean is that people tend to dislike the bully on the block beating up on the little guy. Apple has sold, between both versions of the iPad, an estimated 30 million or more devices. Samsung, on the other hand has sold maybe 5 million Tabs, and you'd have to include their original 7in from 2010 to reach that number.

People tend to side with the underdog, and I think Apple could really damage its credibility over this fight. If Apple wins, Samsung will loose a lot of money, but except those Apple diehard fans, many people will never look at Apple, as a company, in the same way again.

To say nothing of the fact, that if Apple were to win, I suspect the Tab 10.1 will almost be a collectors item.

"...and I think Apple could really damage its credibility over this fight."
Apple always has. I've been a Mac user for twenty-seven years and have come to tire of Mother Apple and Father Steve. The Mac App Store, along with iTunes are horrid experiences. The iPad has a lockstep OS that is boring, and takes far too many steps to activate functions such as turning Bluetooth on and off. Apple is 1984.

Bravo, you could not have said the things I hate any better. I hate how Apple's main goal is to rid of the whole "computer" experience and try to phase out important computer parts, so they can call it a "magical and revolutionary" change. I thought that Onion Network joke about the one button Macbook would never come true, but at the rate they're going, this may become a reality some day. Well, at least the different Linux flavors aren't falling for this "MUST MAKE EVERYTHING SO SIMPLE FOR STUPID PEOPLE" trend that's going on nowadays. I have a Mac and refuse to upgrade to Lion because I simply don't agree with this iOSification of the Mac.

Some one on Germany should sue the court and apple that Apple is being anti competitive and also denying of the consumer right to chose the alternative product.

Unbelievable. See? Would the judge really understand all of this "tech talk?". We should have specific judges that understand technology really well, so they can all laugh at these stupid lawsuits and dismiss the cases right away....unless, of course, there's a legitimate patent...or is there such thing anymore? ;)