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Curious about the above image?  Obviously it's a comparison between two displays, but which ones? Visit our new hardware forum to find out.  SoCs, LCDs, OLEDs and everything else hardware related will be discussed here.  Not sure what all those abbreviations mean?  That's OK, we have you covered.  There's already a great discussion going on about display technology, too.  Things can get kind of technical here, but that's ok, because we all have an inner geek that wants to know these things, right?  

I consider myself somewhat of a hardware junkie, and I'll be spending a good amount of time in this particular section.  I'm doing my best to make sure the information provided is as accurate as possible, easy to understand, and helpful for all of you.  My goal is to help you be more informed when deciding which phone might be best for you from a hardware perspective.

Have some technical or hardware-related questions you'd like answered?  Go ahead and start a thread in the hardware section and we'll do our best to get it answered.  We're by no means the smartest people around, but between us and the awesome members in the forums you're sure to get the explanation you're looking for.  And yes, I'm already dreaming about new stuff I'd like to see in our devices.

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Geek out in the hardware forums


So for any of us not nerdy or committed enough to go look in the new hardware forum, can someone tell me the difference between the 2 displs in the image?

(P.S. Looking at that image, I feel like I'm staring at a set of Google-themed b00bs. I'm just saying...)

Edit: Ok, I went to the forum and read the post. Very cool stuff. I learned something. :)

Looks like two different resolution displays to me, also two displays calibrated to different white points, and I'd hazard a guess that the left one is an AMOLED screen with a Pentile grid... (from the grain visible)

Edit: Looked in the thread, same res on both (scaling/font threw me off), my other guesses were correct tho. That's a Galaxy Nexus on the left, One X on the right (/drool).

480x800 looks fine to me. i dont hold my phone like 2 inches away from my face and to me its not noticeable (obviously this one is cuz its a close up). though i dont mind a 720p screen.

Resolution makes a huge difference imo. On certain apps a higher res can mean a lot more content on screen at any given time, like a zoomed out browser page. It makes text sharper all around too, zoomed out pages were never legible on my first EVO, they're mostly readable on the EVI 3D's qHD screen.