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Android phones are coming out of the woodwork!  Alaskan regional carrier GCI announced today that they will have the Motorola Milestone and the HTC Desire available for pre-order "early next week", and PocketNow has shows us where we can buy an unlocked HTC Legend with AT&T 3G bands.

No word on exact dates or pricing from GCI, but I'm watching closely and will shout out when they make any announcement.  The HTC Legend can be had (unlocked) for $498.50 from Negri Electronics. I'm collecting cans and counting pennies as soon as I'm done typing.

Keep 'em coming.  An Android phone in every hand would be a beautiful sight. [Twitter and PocketNow]


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GCI Alaska announces Android phones; HTC Legend with AT&T 3G on sale online


Anyone else find it funny that another regional carrier has scored the Milestone AND Desire and AT&T only has the Backflip and Aria? Just another reason to run away from AT&T to a carrier with a clue.

That is only because the regionals usually never sell a locked phone, and AT&T Only sells locked phones.

AT&T has to contract for locked phones and the Regionals can pick any phone that matches their network.

When you stop buying your phone from a carrier you will be much happier.

GCI normally resold Cellular One bandwidth, but Cell One was purchased by AT&T (along with all the accounts - including me). So now I suppose they resell AT&T bandwidth and roaming plans.

The only reason you would buy from them is bundling plans (they have Cable TV, Internet, Home Phone bundles), some promotions give you the phone if you bundle.

They do supply bush coverage. No, thats not a bikini, "The Bush" in Alaska is anywhere other than the big cities.

They also still run cdma in parallel with their GSM network. Mostly because they have roaming agreements with lower 48 carriers.

Coverage map:

So, Will this GCI Alaska be selling the GSM version of HTC Desire or the CDMA? If they will sell the GSM Version, will it be at&t 3g compatible for us in the lower 48 states?

I just got the european version and love it. I don't care too much for the 3g since I work from home most of the time but if this would be a at&t 3g compatible GSM phone,I'd definitely be interested.

I've talked to GCI reps on their facebook page and the Desire is going to be a CDMA device. There has been 3 networks who announced that they will carry it in the US and all of them so far are CDMA. Telus in Canada is supposed to carry it also which would work just fine with at&t's 3g and everything but still no word on the release date.

Back in April, I asked the ACS "Android Expert" what new phones they had coming, and he told me that they, too, would be getting the Desire sometime this summer.