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Gameloft has today launched a subscription based service for their UK customers which will allow the download of a game a week for just £0.99. As an added bonus, on first signup they're offering an extra game free of charge. 

To activate a subscription, visit their website from your Android device and click on the "Club buy 99p" link next to one of the games. 

As yet there is no word on future availability of the service outside of the UK, but for those of us lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the offer who play a lot of mobile games, it's a pretty sweet deal. Modern Combat 3 for £0.99 possibly? 

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Gameloft launches Android HD+ game subscription service

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the US already has a similar service. For $7 a month you get 2 games, and 2 free games when you sign up. I think there was the added stipulation that newer games weren't included, but since I didn't sign up I'm not positive. Also, I remember hearing you get to keep the games after you unsubscribe.

Still qith the quantity (and quality) of Gameloft games, I'd still stick with a la carte purchases.