We've mentioned Game Gripper a few times here on the blogs and now they are working on their latest version for all you Android gamers out there. Well, that is -- they are trying to. In order to get things rolling on the Bluetooth gaming pad many folks have been asking for they've put up a page on Kick Starter in hopes to generate enough pre-orders to obtain the funding needed to get things into production. You can hit the break to see the Bluetooth version in action and of course, if you're interested in seeing a release be sure to check out their page via the source link. [Kick Starter]


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Game Gripper working on a Bluetooth model, hopefully coming soon


If you really want a bluetooth gamepad, there's a solution already available--just use a Wii controller and download the "WiimoteController" app from the Android market. If you have or buy one of Nitnendo's classic controller extensions that plug in the Wiimote, it gives you two joysticks and a D-pad, triggers, and buttons. That's what I use for my emulators, it's an awesome setup.

On the kickstand, of course! (Evo 4G w/CM user here)

I love my WiiMote/Evo combo. I don't think I would pay for something I already have, but this idea is really cool. Hopefully they get a chance to put it in production.

The solution only works on CyanogenMod or any ROM without Sense. Sense screws it up. I know. I tried on my EVO and it does not work, and its well documented as well.

Ive used the WiimOte option and it is adequate for NES games only. Anything more such as SNES/PSX etc. requires the use of the Classic controller which is makes the setup cumbersome. Not to mention the fact that you have to lay your phone against something or use a kickstand if it has it.

The gamegripper is exactly what I was looking for, and I pledged to the effort. Here's hoping he raises enough capital to actually mass produce them.

@BDHN1, I have an HTC EVO and I don't believe you can do that on any Android device that has HTC Sence on it. Sucks!!

No way, really? I wonder why. Any chance that using a different launcher, like Launcher Pro, would help? I guess it's another reason I should be thankful for my stock Android Nexus 1, Gingerbread or not.

Any phone running Htc Sence won't be able to connect. Although after rooting and loaded with an AOSP version of android like Cyanogenmod it will work fine. Wiimote now working on my Evo as im sure gamegripper will. Just to add this is a great idea as this controller physically connects to the phone and has more buttons with better placement which is of drastic improvement over wii controller.